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  1. LoveBlue

    The Advantages of a Bilingual Brain
  2. LoveBlue

    Foxrac - take a peek

    Happy Birthday!!
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    Where's sono?

    I miss Sono. Is he banned? If so, why? Bring back Sono!
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    Woman Sues Taco Bell Over Drive-thru Orders
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    For Foxrac - Montgomery ... New Regional Passenger Train System
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    Fcc Adopts Real-time Text Proposed Rulemaking
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    What Are The Differences Between Different Sign Languages?

    A friend asked me to day, after talking about Nyle on Dancing with the Stars, about sign languages. I told her that ASL is what the Deaf community uses in the USA but that there were different sign languages in other countries. I also mentioned SEE, though I never seen it myself. Can those of...
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    Anyone Heard Of Caption Tree?
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    Nat'l Asl Day - April 15
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    The Alice Cogswell And Anne Sullivan Macy Act (h.r. 3535)
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    Patty Duke Died :(
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    Meadowlark Lemon, Harlem Globetrotter, Dies at 83 I remember seeing him back in the 60's.
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    I apologize

    I apologize for starting a thread picking on an unnamed member. Though the name was left out, many here know who I was referring to.
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    Mass shooting in San Bernardino, CA
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    She rocked herself around the clock

    ... or should I say the calendar, to another year. Happy Birthday Rockin' Robin
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    PMs still showing in Tap-a-talk

    I cleaned out my PMs on the website, but they're still showing in the App when I look at notifications. I even removed the app and restored it (since I couldn't figure out how to log off the app). Any suggestions for clearing the notifications on the app? Yes, I did clear cache also. Thanks.
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    What's Your Ad Today?

    The ad in the banner at the top of your screen. Geico. No idea why
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    Microsoft-to answer technical support questions via VideoPhone

    On HLAA's FB page: Hearing Loss Association of America (Official Page) Microsoft has shared with HLAA some exciting news! Microsoft has a new service for customers using American Sign Language (ASL) to answer technical support questions via VideoPhone at 503-427-1234 from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m...
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    What SHOULD you be doing right now?

    As opposed to the "What are you doing?" thread. I should be mentally preparing for a job interview on Wednesday.
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    May be trying Siemens Nitros soon

    Voc Rehab sent me for a new hearing test today. Luckily my audiologist is on their "preferred list", so that's who I got to see. I've lost a bit more in the dbs and speech, which isn't a surprise. She wants me to try the Siemens Nitros power aids. She says she's had patients who have had...