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  1. VSte

    British Sign Language

    Hey, maybe you can tell me if there is a distinct difference in BSL and ASL? One of my deaf British buddies was asking but Im not qualified to answer that!
  2. VSte

    florida deaf community?

    Treasure Coast!!
  3. VSte

    Deaf Events West

  4. VSte

    Ciao! Steffie here!

    I dont understand your reply?
  5. VSte

    Looking for Deaf Friends

    Hello there, I am hearing but I have to sign every day with my 2 y.o. son that has speech and communication delays. Would love to sign with some one closer to my she if you would be interested in that? :)
  6. VSte

    New! Looking for ASL buddy <3

    We could practice if you would be interested, I think I know a fair amount of ASL from teaching myself so I can sign to my son. Of course, I know way more than I can teach him but I think I know enough to practice with some one :)
  7. VSte

    Ciao! Steffie here!

    Not totally new but haven't been on in a while. Just moved from NYC down to Florida few months ago. Hoping to connect with some new folks from any where, life is pretty laid back compared to the big apple. I am hearing but I sign every day with my son, he has communication delays. He signs...
  8. VSte

    How are you feeling today?....

    How am I? Can't really complain. Just trying to decide if I should go to the library, cemetery, or :hmm:
  9. VSte


    Hey all, I am new here! Recently, I began learning and using ASL with my toddler. I was never into aSL before but it has been pleasantly helpful for my son...not to mention it's actually pretty fun to learn. I never thought I'd know as much in asl as I do now and honestly, that's just the...