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    Can someone please suggest some hearing aid brands. I noticed awhile back that there was a scratch on one of my hearing aids the person at the hearing society said yes it's peeling so that would mean I'm elgiable for new ones possibly(little did they know I'd actually dropped it in the toilet...
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    My Tumblr

    Hi everyone, So I made a tumblr a long time ago but only started recently using it. What I basically do is find notes on deaf people/culture then reblog it. I also write some stuff, but i'm trying to get more followers. If anyone wants to help me with getting more stuff on it or take a look to...
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    Finding a thread to post

    I am having a hard time navigating where to go when i want to ask a question like right now I'd like to find a thread to post where I can talk about how my HOH affects me.
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    I need help

    *I wasn't sure where to post this* Kkk I'm really looking forward to doing a culture project the teacher said if i can get people in my group to agree with me she would let us do the Deaf Culture. Half of my class is so uneducated about being deaf or HOH and it's really sad, because that...
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    Hi looking for tips because Im HOH

    Hi I'm queenravenclaw, I'm 20 years old and got my first hearing aids when I was 16. As a kid I was always getting ear infections. I'm here to learn tips on how to do every day life when I sometimes don't hear the phone or the door.