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  1. mikemike42

    What did you learn today?

    I learned that I should read all your post more often......very interesting
  2. mikemike42

    No Deaf interactions :/

    I live in tampa as well it looks like you dont use this site any more
  3. mikemike42

    Where is everyone from?

    I live in Tampa
  4. mikemike42

    New! Looking for ASL buddy <3

    I take o t youre from fl?
  5. mikemike42

    Hello I plan on being an interpreter

    Where you from
  6. mikemike42

    Clearwater company helps the deaf connect

    I am interested in working for your company.I am fluent in ASL and have my bachelor's in American Sign Language.I have sales experience and would love to be a part of your company 727-482-9573
  7. mikemike42

    florida deaf community?

    St Petersburg #1 I live in tampa
  8. mikemike42

    florida deaf community?

    Where in fl you from tampa bay here
  9. mikemike42

    florida deaf community?

    Miami isn't sw
  10. mikemike42

    florida deaf community?

    Then tampa or st Petersburg is the place to be
  11. mikemike42

    florida deaf community?

    Tampa and St.Petersburg ....plan n moving
  12. mikemike42

    hearing impaired man in Fl

    Im sorry
  13. mikemike42

    hi :)

    Me tampa
  14. mikemike42

    Sunrise in Florida

  15. mikemike42

    hearing impaired man in Fl

    Whetes hfa