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    Planing on getting CI

    I met with my ENT yesterday) Monday June 29th in Troy Ohio. I really like this dr. With everyone wearing mask etc, he spoke slowly and clearly enough and looked in my eyes asking me questions even though my husband was right there really made me feel good. I was able to understand pretty much...
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    Looking for best ENT in Ohio

    My audiologist gave me 2 locations One in Dayton/Circleville Ohio and the other in Columbus. Which one would you recommend to meet with for CI. I am loosing ability to wear hearing aid anymore. It is not working well for me. I miss talking to my mom on the phone, I miss understanding ppl like I...
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    United Health Care (UMR) and CI

    Does anyone on here have UMR United health insurance? I'm considering looking into a pair of CI's possibly and I was wondering if anyone had that insurance and if it was covered 100% or a fraction etc. Also Is it worth doing CI and sacrificing what hearing is left in my left hear that wears...
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    Long time no see

    I've been a member for quite a few years. I've pretty much lost track. I no longer live in Pittsburgh Pa. I moved to west Ohio Aug 2012 for better jobs and country life. Best thing my hubby and I ever done. I now work for Honda Engine plant building engines. Married for 16 years, no kids but 2...
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    I have Anthem insurances through my husband's work. I have been thinking about getting CI in the right ear first since I do not wear a hearing aid in that ear. I wanted to know if any of you have Anthem Insurance and do they cover 100% or certain amt? I will be getting an apt sometime soon...
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    How much better with CI over Aids

    I have a question for all of you and I want some opinions from you. I made an apt to get tube replaced on my mold and they told me that I get free hearing test and tubing since I am a new patient. I scored 40% in verbal where she speaks the words to me and I respond. My husband told me that...
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    newbie from Pgh Pa

    Hello all, My name is Angel and from Pgh Pa. I am deaf in both ears but hh with aid on. I came here to get a few info before goung to my Audi for new aid. I am from Pgh Pa all time Steelers fan. Hope to get to know Y'all! :-)