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    I’m looking for someone to practice ASL

    Hey! I'd love to practice with you :) I'm learning ASL and I can teach you as I learn in class.
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hey I'm a student learning ASL and I love it. I'd love to video chat to practice ASL and even help each other learn more... also making some awesome new friends is cool too:) I have everything from oovoo and skype to marco polo and glide (and everything in between). Message me for an awesome...
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    I learned that I truly love using ASL and I NEED more friends who know it whether D/deaf or Hearing! <3 Hit me up to skype/oovoo/ facetime/ video chat :)
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    Hey everyone!

    I’m Vee. Hearing yet learning ASL at university. I LOVE ASL & I’m seeking to speak to others who know ASL as well. I’m a beginner but I can hold small conversations for a few minutes at least. Hope to talk to you all soon :) Also, I have a bunch of video chat aps from skype to marco polo and...