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  1. Hannah Brooks

    Looking For Lgbtqi Friends

    Hi, I'm pansexual, hearing and learning ASL/PSE :)
  2. Hannah Brooks

    ASL, Deaf, 16, Female.

    hey I'm Hannah, I'm 16 and learning ASL/PSE :) I'm from England so I'm looking for people to help me learn, I'm currently learning from thedailysign on youtube :)
  3. Hannah Brooks

    19, Hearing, Looking To Learn And Make Friends

    I'm 16 from England so there isn't anywhere to learn ASL/PSE except the internet. I started learning ASL/PSE a while ago and kinda stopped for a while and began to pick it up yesterday and I'm determined to learn as much as I can before I go back to school.:)
  4. Hannah Brooks

    Hey, I'm Learning Asl/pse

    I'm trying to learn PSE because I don't have anyone to explain to me the grammar of ASL. If anyone wants to talk feel free to add me on stuff like snapchat or kik (snapchat is cuteapple99 an kik is demisexualpumpkin) or anything else ask me and I'm very willing to learn new signs and the...