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  1. busybee

    Lets Ask For Cc

    Hi everyone, I am a lurker but am hoping for a favor. I really like the youtube channel called "Metatron"(It starts with hello noble ones in the description) It is a channel about knights and samurai and armor. I would really like for him to caption his videos better than the auto- captions...
  2. busybee

    i am not a terp

    Question: I work at a store and my coworkers know that I am hard of hearing. I do not know sign language, my hearing loss happened within the last few years. Since I earn minimum wage, I don't have the money to sign up for (really expensive!) sign language classes. Sometimes when Deaf...
  3. busybee

    hello from the show me state

    Hi All, I'm so happy to have found this forum, what a great community and resource. I live in Missouri and as far as my hearing goes, I'm profoundly deaf in my right ear and have a moderate loss in my left. I've always been deaf in the left ear, but the loss in the left has happened within the...