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  1. syounger64

    Powerson PSN captioned?

    Does anyone know if this TV show will be captioned in the PlayStation network? I'm interested but I don't see captions or subtitles on any videos on the PlayStation Network store... Ridiculous!
  2. syounger64

    12 Monkeys on SYFY channel

    Anyone seen this? Thought it was great with a good twist ending.
  3. syounger64

    Where are the captioned movie trailers?

    I google to find where are the captioned movie trailers and didn't find much. Wondering why? I'm not talking about movie trailers for months old movies but movies that are coming out soon. I also wonder why captionfish stopped doing this. If you know a good website, let me know!
  4. syounger64

    Google play tv shows and movies not subtitled

    Last week, my 9 year old wanted to watch the first xmen Wolverine movie with me. So I went to Google play and ordered a wasn't subtitled and worst of was on a Google tv! Of course I demanded a refund which I got back and at the same time I ordered the same movie on...
  5. syounger64

    smartvp by Purple

    Purple came by and installed my smartvp last week. Here's my thoughts: Its then most advanced vp I've ever seen. It has many options and the remote is smartly designed. I was able to connect with anyone from purple, Sorenson and relay. It connects directly to the tv via hdmi which is...
  6. syounger64


    Does any one know anything about interpreters at the car show? The last time I went, I had free admission thanks to GM so I started with the terps at GM then they gave me a tour around the different cars which was really nice. Today I got this somewhat rude clueless email from a marketing...
  7. syounger64

    NO 3D movies with CC??

    Why is there NO 3D movies with CC whether its open captioned or with rearview captions? I don't get it! I'd like to have BOTH!!
  8. syounger64

    Amazon and Unbox TIVO services not captioned!

    Hello, I went ahead to file an FCC complaint against Amazon and Unbox services for the lack of captioning or subtitles. Basically this is a dvd rental online service that you can download to your TIVO or computer. This is their 2nd e-mail message which is BS. Are there any such dvd...