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  1. busybee

    Lets Ask For Cc

    Maybe that will work, thank you!
  2. busybee

    Lets Ask For Cc

    I already messaged him more than once. Maybe it is time for a new channel for me.
  3. busybee

    Lets Ask For Cc

    Pretty please?
  4. busybee

    Lets Ask For Cc

    Hi everyone, I am a lurker but am hoping for a favor. I really like the youtube channel called "Metatron"(It starts with hello noble ones in the description) It is a channel about knights and samurai and armor. I would really like for him to caption his videos better than the auto- captions...
  5. busybee

    you know you're 30 when...

    Fun post! I just turned 30 in Aug. and felt it when I got excited over buying new tires (all weather woo hoo!) Also, when my mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her that I just wanted to take a nap in a clean house.
  6. busybee

    It bothers me when a deaf person ask me

    :whip: hahaha
  7. busybee

    Country rejects McDonald's

    The McRib is the plywood of meats :p
  8. busybee

    Workout Gear

    A few weeks ago I went to Dicks to get some shorts, I just started exercising recently and didn't have any. Everything they had there was either super short or spandex so I went up to the golf section and got two really cute skorts. They are still quite short but I feel a bit more covered up...
  9. busybee

    Making a nursery for the arrival of my son

    Sherwin Williams has great paint but $70/gal, wow! I hope you were able to do it with one can! I was just painting in my house and winced at the $40/gal, I guess that's just what things cost now!
  10. busybee

    Demolition Crew Knock Down Wrong House

    :0 oh my gosh!
  11. busybee

    % vs dB-hate it

    My boss, who is a sweetheart and who I consider a friend, has asked me a few times "What is your percent of loss/hearing?" I think hearing people can maybe relate to percents better than dbs, I've tried to explain it to him and he doesn't seem to get it. At least he remembers to face me when...
  12. busybee

    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    I have one. Two nights ago I was sitting at a bar watching the game (go Royals!) and this guy starts talking to me. The place has loud music and tvs and is kind of dark. I tell him that I am hard of hearing and am and that he can write me a note. We were both a little drunk but he starts...
  13. busybee

    Culturally homeless?

    Hi there and welcome!:cheers: I'm more or less in the same position you are with being between cultures. I know that if I allow it, it is easy for me to feel lonely/ isolated/ depressed. The best thing that I've come up with so far (for me at least) is to get involved in volunteering and to...
  14. busybee

    i am not a terp

    Thanks for the ideas! I don't live too far from KSD, about 40 min. I don't know why but I've always been a little intimidated by the place. Boobookitty, I feel you on the speechreading! At the end of my shift, especially on a busy weekend, I just want a stiff drink and to go to bed. It...
  15. busybee

    I don't have an accent... GRR

    I have a job working with customers and at least once a week someone asks me what country I'm from. I was thinking of telling them I'm Chinese (I look more like a viking). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! :)
  16. busybee

    i am not a terp

    Question: I work at a store and my coworkers know that I am hard of hearing. I do not know sign language, my hearing loss happened within the last few years. Since I earn minimum wage, I don't have the money to sign up for (really expensive!) sign language classes. Sometimes when Deaf...
  17. busybee

    hello from the show me state

    Hi All, I'm so happy to have found this forum, what a great community and resource. I live in Missouri and as far as my hearing goes, I'm profoundly deaf in my right ear and have a moderate loss in my left. I've always been deaf in the left ear, but the loss in the left has happened within the...