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    Are there any deaf real estate agents?

    I know of several RE deaf agents in Texas. You have to really go study for it. You have to pay for the courses and have to have a mentorship and be required to sell a certain amount of houses in a limited time span before being allowed to be on your own and if you fail to do so, you have to...
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    What kind of trade jobs can deaf and hard of hearing have?

    I know of someone deaf who got a plumbing job through his dad's plumbing company but they told him he has to pass the plumbing certificate exam which is required for all plumbers to take in order to become a journeyman plumber. They have to take several exams in order to move up. He couldn't...
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    florida deaf community?

    Hi, this is a new update. I am deaf and have been living in Kansas the last 15 years or so. I'm from Texas originally. Now my question is are there any Deafies that live in or around Tallahassee? I am interested in perhaps relocating there for work. I've been laid off permanently since June...