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  1. sillycat

    Best anti-spy ware??

    I just bought new PC and Im still kinda new to to it after using Mac for years. I need your advice on what brand and type of anti-spyware to buy for my PC. :ty:
  2. sillycat

    Buying PC [B][/B]

    My old computer broke down and Im looking for a new PC computer. What would be the best PC to buy?? What is the best software to buy to protect against virus, trojan horses, etc.?? :ty:
  3. sillycat

    cochlear war

    I saw this website Cochlear War on the internet and thought to bring it here for you to read it and comment on it. I am neither support or against CI. I believe it is up to the person who decides to have it or not.
  4. sillycat

    Hello!! Newbie here

    Hello!! Newbie here. Im deaf woman in CA. Looking to meet new friends :)