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  1. Old Analog

    CODA looking to make Deaf/HoH friends!

    Greetings welcome aboard :welcome:
  2. Old Analog

    The challenge of being a deaf person.

    The cashier once asked me" you can speak right?" I said yes but when, if I do, people think I can hear:gossip: I don't think I have a deaf accent, least haven't been told, how would I know?
  3. Old Analog


    Greetings, what part of country? East, west, North, South, time zone?
  4. Old Analog

    i am....

    Greetings tell us about yourself, hopes, dreams and fears :welcome:
  5. Old Analog

    Hello I need help please read this

    :hmm: what's wrong with this picture, we're not doctors, no age history, 2014? start? Exposing oneself to loud noises? Ear plugs? Sooo many questions, so many suspicions:ugh:
  6. Old Analog

    Are you joking!

    Would this be good to teach or help explain music? Breaking it down is helping me to understand that which I never understood:cool2:
  7. Old Analog

    We are not alone.

  8. Old Analog

    I want a deaf friend

    Cory likes to help, you have Skype? Zoom? What?
  9. Old Analog

    Bsl Freind's

    We've had several on here from England, a couple young ones, one I remember on last page of late onset deafness under Our World Our culture
  10. Old Analog

    Out of place

    There were several young ones on here, have to do some looking to find names, one I rember valorrien, read page 87 of late on set deafness under our world our culture :welcome: :grouphug:
  11. Old Analog

    Finland, chilly one day, frozen the next.

    -30c=-22f if I did the math correct, you'd think I remember formula, used to keep it handy had to us it often, guess why never committed it to memory, not that I can remember much now:hmm:
  12. Old Analog

    Didnt realise

    Like you I started my journey to deafness young, can't remember not having tinnitus thought it was normal :welcome:
  13. Old Analog


    Tell us your story :welcome:
  14. Old Analog

    marriage ,Dating&Single life

    Tell us a story...who,what,when,where, besides lonely how ya doing?
  15. Old Analog

    does anybody know any good ways to learn and memorize the ASL alphabet?

    Jessica Flores on u Tube has a good vid. on learning the alphabet with memory aids
  16. Old Analog

    I'm teaching ASL and need some good test questions

    What is the goal of the test? There's difference between exercise and test, familiar local ... Streets, stores, names - famely, frends, local servers, historical - events and dates, math - items and prices, services and prices, with add-ons and or subtractiones. Teach what you want to learn :2c:
  17. Old Analog

    Finland, chilly one day, frozen the next.

    NW Ark. Same -1 f feels like -22:cold:
  18. Old Analog

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    Resting my back after stacking fire wood:smoking:
  19. Old Analog

    New York Woman Allowed to Serve Divorce Papers Via Facebook

    no job, no address, does not live with you, how can you be maired?
  20. Old Analog

    Coronavirus: A real health threat or not?

    Soo personal observations are not facts? Only what were told by liers?