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    Older Women, Younger Men

    What gives? Seems like since I turned 4-0 (oops I gave my age away!), I get so many younger men hitting on me. Men around my age basically stopped and ignore me now. Recently a 27 year old man asked me for a date and I immediately responded with a "You are too young for me." I seem to be...
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    Poweron is being naughty again - *spank time*

    You are in for 32 spanks!!!!!!!! :naughty: Happy Birthday!!!! :) Hope you have a blast today!
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    Sequoias, were you this guy?! ;)

    Man Climbs Onto Monorail Tracks - News Story - KIRO Seattle A unnamed Deaf guy did this.....
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    Terrorist Attack in India :(

    Scores killed in Mumbai rampage - How sad :( Scary that they were asking for Americans or British folks.
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    2008 NBA Season is Here! Woot Woot!

    Alright I was bummed to see my beloved Blazers losing to Lakers last night but hey, it is just the beginning of the season! :fruit: Oden is hurt :Ohno: Hope it is not a season-ending type! Yo man Dougie - your Jazz aint going to be playing great music this year! :whistle:
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    Embarrasing Moments being a Deaf Person!

    I had yet another embarrasing moment - last Friday I was driving to work. I pulled up into my usual parking spot then started to rummage through my car to make sure that I had everything in my bag before getting out of the car. Five or six minutes later, I sensed a weird presence at my window. I...
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    Stress Relief Tips

    In the past few weeks, I have been under extreme stress and been trying to reduce my stress levels by mediation, deep breathing and just sleeping off on it. Last night I slept 11 hours as my body was completely exhausted by high level of stress. That got me thinking and curious about you guys...
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    McCain Picks Palin!!!

    NBC: McCain picks Palin as running mate - John McCain News - Whoohoooo I am excited! Brilliant choice..............your thoughts?
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    Suing a CI Corporation - Crazy Idea!

    I ran into a girlfriend over the weekend and she was telling me that her husband plans to sue the CI corporation where she got her CI from. :eek3: I was flabbergasted - her husband is hearing and is very angry that his wife is not "cured" and that she still has to read lips and that she still...
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    Sorenson Customer Service

    :pissed:I got to rant about Sorenson Customer Service. :pissed: Every one of my friend or acquaintance has already gotten a VP in the recent years - so thus most of the requests the local VP installers recieve are for "maintaining" the services so you would think that they know how important...
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    CI/HA Combination

    Vocational Rehabiliation said that they would be happy to buy me a new digital hearing aid for my left ear. I have a CI on my right ear. I am wondering if anyone has CI/HA combination? Is it worth having this? I was raised with 2 HAs so since I got a CI a few years ago, I was feeling a bit...
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    NBA Draft

    Anyone watching the NBA Draft tonight on ESPN? There has been predictions that this 2007 Draft will go down as one of the most heavily watched drafts due to many good players waiting to be drafted. Who do you think will be No. 1 - Oden or Durant? I like both - Oden and Durant. Oden has a...