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    HI :)

    Ok. I can make sentences. Sort of. I have a tutor and she has spent a few months teaching me a couple hundred words and now we are working on making actual conversation.
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    HI :)

    Do you know ASL or anything?? I been looking for someone to practice with.
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    Person Below Me

    Seesaw?? Like at a park?? Also I am hijacking your conversation. TPBM Did you poop today??
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    Links to websites for learning ASL

    I have a resource people may find useful. italki is a website to find tutors for anyone learning any language but ASL counts as a language and ASL tutors are available for hire there. The site itself is free to join but you must pay the tutor whatever they charge for their time...
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    Hello :)

    Do not worry about it. The need to learn ASL is ALWAYS a necessity. Welcome to the site. Also what is Makaton?? Based on deafdyke's post it seems like ASL but for another country maybe??
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    Dreama's back. Remember me?

    There does not seem to be many people here. I came here looking for someone to practice asl with and have received one offer but then they dropped off the face of the earth without a trace.
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    Friends? Barter for ASL lessons.

    I will chat with you. You do not have to give me anything. The practice/experience I will get is good. PM me if you want.
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    Hearing person looking for ASL practice.

    Pretty much just what the title says. I have been learning since August 2017. I have a tutor I see twice a month and I got books and flash cards and things but unfortunately no one lives around me and I have to do it pretty much on my own. I have very little experience with non scripted...
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    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I would like to practice too. I have been learning since August 2017. I have a tutor who I see twice a month and for the past two or three lessons we have been practicing with her sending me a scripted conversation and then I go through and figure the grammar and signs out and then put it all...