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  1. Parjila

    NTID Open House 4/27/18

    Tomorrow there is an open house for NTID in Rochester NY. It is an opportunity to see the programs available and meet current students and staff. I am going to help chaperone a high school ASL class and college ASL club. I'm e cited to go to the play that is being put on in the evening. If...
  2. Parjila

    Hidden Talents?

    Wondering if anyone has fun or interesting hidden talents to share. Mine is being good at improv theater. Okay, it's not that hidden, but not something that's common knowledge. How about you?
  3. Parjila

    Online Survey about Learning English in America

    Hello, I am a graduate student who is currently working on her master's thesis. I am trying to combine my passion for ASL with the field I have pursued so far which is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (aka ESL). Therefore, I want to learn about what it was like for people who...
  4. Parjila

    A brief "hello" from someone new: Hearing soon to be teacher

    I am a hearing graduate student at SUNY Fredonia in Western New York. I studied adolescent education in English Language Arts for my undergraduate degree, and I am certified to teach in that area for New York state. In graduate school I am earning an additional certification in Teaching English...