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  1. Parjila

    What did you learn today? Part II

    I learned that a person at my work place has the same birthday as me down to the day. We are literally hours apart...and we were states apart, but it's still cool to me.
  2. Parjila

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Tired...long day
  3. Parjila

    Person Below Me

    yes, they're neat tpbm: what is your favorite movie genre?
  4. Parjila

    How are you feeling today? Part II

    Pretty good, started a new temp job. I just hope I can find a permanent one.
  5. Parjila

    Person Below Me

    Beach TPBM: Writing in cursive or print?
  6. Parjila

    Do you wish to become baby again?

    I have thought that several times recently. It's not that my childhood was some kind of golden years where everything was right with the world. There are just certain things I like, such as having more energy. As an adult I'm tired all the time. I also would like to go to school again, because I...
  7. Parjila

    How do you like your coffee??

    I prefer mine between a 2 and 4. Although, I will just take what's put in front of me. I once did some English tutoring for some recent immigrants and they made me coffee as a thank you. They filled a mug halfway with powdered creamer and it turned out very pale and sweet. I drank it. I have...
  8. Parjila

    Online Survey about Learning English in America

    So I wanted to say thank you to anyone who has taken part in the survey. It closes Thursday 5/4/18 at 4 pm. I would still like to hear from a few more people, so if you are interested please take part. Also, I am hoping that this Master's Thesis will be useful for educational purposes. I will...
  9. Parjila

    NTID Open House 4/27/18

    Tomorrow there is an open house for NTID in Rochester NY. It is an opportunity to see the programs available and meet current students and staff. I am going to help chaperone a high school ASL class and college ASL club. I'm e cited to go to the play that is being put on in the evening. If...
  10. Parjila

    Hidden Talents?

    I love writing too! I'm more into YA fiction though. :)
  11. Parjila

    Hi! Glad to be here

  12. Parjila

    For Hearing Educators

    I couldn't follow your link, it gave an error code
  13. Parjila

    Fishy Asl [short Joke Video]

    Very funny :)
  14. Parjila

    Bill Vacars

    He also has a Facebook group you can join called Lifeprint (the same as his website).
  15. Parjila

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    Haha, no all at once. I'm attempting multitasking.
  16. Parjila

    Deaf Studies!

    These are great resources. Lifeprint also has a facebook page that is useful. Keep in mind that "real" and "correct" might not be so simple because of regionalisms and dialects which exist in ASL, the same as any spoken language.
  17. Parjila

    Upcoming games

    I have been watching the game that Cappy mentioned "Moss." If I had the money to get a PS4 first it would definitely be on my list! I have shifted over to PC gaming mostly because I am kind of tired of all the changes going on for consoles. Therefore, I am limited on new games unless they are on...
  18. Parjila

    What technology do you wish existed but doesn't yet?

    Holodecks, like from Star Trek. VR is working towards that, but there isn't the freedom to create your own programs, like in Star Trek, and the technology still has a long ways to go. Option 2, also from Star Trek, replicators. I would love to make a really complex meal to enjoy by simply asking...
  19. Parjila


    I don't think it is surprising that you know many languages. Linguistically speaking, the more languages you learn, the easier acquiring new languages become. I hope to know as many languages as you do someday. I'm still working on my second and third languages. I have heard a lot of stories...
  20. Parjila

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I'm thinking about finishing my Master's degree, the fact that I would really like to do more school afterwards, finding a job, and getting married in July.