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  1. MotionInSilver

    Goal of the day

    Wanted to set up a positive mojo thread. What is your goal for the day? Feel free to come back and update if you completed it or not. Mine is to feed the fish and redo the decor of the tank! Maybe break some art glass and add colors to it
  2. MotionInSilver

    How to address a coworker faking her hearing loss

    I am in a very weird and uncomfortable situation. This is about the workplace. And someone faking being deaf. I have a coworker who is actually hearing and pretends she is deaf to her own benefit. Something was not right with her. She hears a lot better than most of the hearing staff and that...
  3. MotionInSilver

    VERIZON smartphone suggestions? And ? about data plan

    I'm currently with sprint, unfortunately the area I am moving to is only Verizon or At&t. I have choosen Verizon due to their more widespread range out in the county. Vs. At&t Yes I'm talking about the big move from a suburbs that has everything near a major city in the US to middle-of-no-where...
  4. MotionInSilver

    Suggestions for better alarm system bed/phone

    Was wondering which ones you guys like? I'm still behind in technology but am currently trying to get something to make my life easier such as alarm clock that is connected to my smartphone and will wake me up if someone texts or when someone rings the doorbell no i do not have any kind of...