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  1. Muse

    The best part about hearing spouses who don't bother to learn sign language for you ...

    ... is they don't know it when you accidentally call them the wrong name in bed. Whew.
  2. Muse

    How Does Being Deaf Help You?

    People (mostly hearing) tell me often why being hearing is better. I'd love to know the other side too. What are some benefits of being Deaf?
  3. Muse

    Other Sign Languages . . .

    Calling out for help! :) Does anyone know which sign language this is in? I love learning from Boryana Topchieva! I can't figure out if she's doing Russian sign or a hybrid of RSL and ASL? Or something else? She is very easy to understand even if you don't know other sign languages, but...
  4. Muse

    What Cool Tricks Can You Do On This Forum?

    I just learned you could do twitter-style mentions on this forum, like this: @Muse . Totally badass! What other awesome things can we do?
  5. Muse

    The Secret To Learning Asl

  6. Muse

    How does Glide make their money?

    That question's been itching at me for a while now. Anyone know?
  7. Muse

    Who here has taken Deafhood workshops?

    I did and *loved* it! Wondering if anyone here has?
  8. Muse

    To all veterans on this board -- Thank You

    Thank you. You inspire me to live a life worthy of the sacrifices you have made. I am sorry I could not have been there as a comrade-in-arms.
  9. Muse

    I sense a disturbance in the force . . .

    . . . and it's all you fine-looking, sexy-signing people. Me: Deaf ASL ninja You: AWESOME I think we're gonna get along juuuuuust fine. :ily: