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  1. craigm26

    What should i know to be a great mostly-deaf father to a deaf or hearing baby?

    I'd like to know what kind of parenting techniques are good to practice if you are mostly deaf and have children (deaf or otherwise). I have anxiety towards being a dad because I don't want to misunderstand my child. I'm almost completely deaf and live in a hearing world. My wife is trying to...
  2. craigm26

    What's great about being Single?

    1. No nagging 2. Leave toilet seat up 3. She won't de-grease your pizza 4. Fart wherever 5. Play video games 6. No future parent-in-law potentials 7. Paying twice for dates 8. Periods 9. Make-up 10. No guilt-trips
  3. craigm26

    CA Governor Brown introduces budget for 11/12

    Capitol Alert: GOP leaders: No votes to put taxes on ballot "I am not open to the idea because nobody has demonstrated anything to me that shows we are going to do anything different than we have done before," the Rancho Cucamonga Republican said. "Voters were given this choice back in 2009...
  4. craigm26

    I ("craigm26") am obliberated by very fresh...newcastle ale...

    Honest questions answered until I'm ....un-responsive....GO!
  5. craigm26

    Obama's praise for giving Vick 2nd Chance

    On Vick, Obama again steps outside the lines I think Vick has served his time and made the most of the 2nd chance given to him. I know what Vick had done was shameful in many regards. Do you think it's "ok" for a sitting President to do say what he said in the article? I'm "ok" with it...
  6. craigm26

    Question for Matajan (and others if you want to reply):

    Do you believe in love at first sight?
  7. craigm26

    DJ who?

    If I got a CI in my left ear....would I hear music "better"? or "good enough" to DJ?
  8. craigm26

    CA Prison release of 40k inmates debated at US supreme court

    Basic primer on issue: California Order to Release Inmates Questioned by U.S. Justices at Hearing - Bloomberg keep in mind that taxpayers pay for the mental, dental and medical programs as well.
  9. craigm26

    Reverse Aging seen in mice?!?

    Anybody want some botox for their liver?<<<<<this is a joke and an early impression of this amazing medical discovery.... Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice
  10. craigm26

    Four Loko/other "energy"-alcohol packaged drinks

    Four Loko ban a crazy idea: Do what you will, young people will still mix caffeine and alcohol I agree that people will still mix alcohol and other drugs together to detrimental effects. I remember when caffeine-infused beer debuted and friends were buying it. I told to think about what it...
  11. craigm26

    Funny Text/Instant Messages

    Me: Anything in particular to wear? Other Person: Wear fall/earth tones for pictures Me: No 80s ski bright colored jumper suits??!?!?!?! Darn! Other Person: Nope sorry. Do they still make those? Me: I'm pretty sure they do...Some people don't like to run around like ninjas. They'd...
  12. craigm26

    Phoebe the malty poo!

    I live with this bundles of loves: YouTube - Phoebe and her pig ear
  13. craigm26

    Income "inequality"

    I know the "Rich get richer" thread was closed due to some tense moments there, but I still think the subject of income equality is of significance. I following is a link with some actual graphs derived from income taxes (IRS): Tax Data Show Richest 1 Percent Took a Hit in 2008, But Income...
  14. craigm26

    "Deaf-friendly" Law Schools?

    I know it's a chance shot to get this question answered... I am planning on entering law school in Fall 2011 and starting to build a list of schools I want to apply to- TxGolfer - yes, Stanford is awesome, but I have no chance of getting in. Obviously, it's a bit discriminatory to not...
  15. craigm26

    Foreclosure "epidemic"

    I know this will probably be a much debated topic but I would like to see what others here think or know what they know on this.. Wall St. pins foreclosure fiasco on homeowners - Business - Real estate - I did work for a very small mortgage broker in 2003, read books about the...
  16. craigm26

    Muslims are totally taking over the States. Land of the Free? I think not.

    Angle: Muslim law taking hold in parts of U.S. - Politics - Decision 2010 - " In a recording of the rally provided to The Associated Press by the Mesquite Local News, a man is heard asking Angle : "I keep hearing about Muslims wanting to take over the United States ... on a TV...
  17. craigm26

    Best Man Wedding Speech

    well folks, this should be fun. I'm writing a speech for a wedding that's in a week. Any comments or suggestions about the storytelling would be greatly appreciated. I'm aiming for some humor, simple and short. This is a first draft, so I'll be cleaning it up and re-posting later...
  18. craigm26

    Whitman's housekeeper

    Capitol Alert: Allred: Whitman's husband saw, wrote note to housekeeper on "no-match" letter Thoughts? Comments?
  19. craigm26

    You might be a redneck if..
  20. craigm26

    Stuxnet Political impact :shock: I know it's long but bear with me if you're interested. It appears (after reading more articles) that the threat of a "serious" disaster is lower than it was last fall/winter when the worm was first released with 4 zero-day vulnerabilities. Since this finding...