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  1. sara1981

    16 years old survived from 60 feet bridge speak out and wanted charged!
  2. sara1981

    Former First Lady Barbara Bush died at ages 92 years old

    Former First Lady Barbara Bush Dies at 92 Leave behind the husband and former president 41 and their children,grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  3. sara1981

    Wal-Mart and Dick’s Sporting stores banned rifles since Florida shooting February 14,2018

    Walmart bans sale of guns and ammunition to anyone under 21 - hours after Dick's Sporting Goods stops selling assault rifles
  4. sara1981

    Britian prince harry engaged to actress meghan markle

    Prince Harry 'thrilled' to marry girlfriend Meghan Markle next year
  5. sara1981

    Legend country music glen campbell died at 81 years old due alzheimer

    Glen Campbell Dead at After Alzheimer's Battle That same day of my great aunt died August 8 but me and my family been back and forth see her before she died but she had Alzheimer also so I'm felt bad for my grandma hates to says...
  6. sara1981

    Otto warmbier dies after suffering extensive brain damage during north korea imprisonment

    Otto Warmbier Dies After Suffering Extensive Brain Damage During North Korea Imprisonment: ‘He Was at Peace,’ Says Family His parents would sued North Korea!
  7. sara1981

    Congressman and others wounded and injured during baseball practice

    Alexandria shooting victims: Scalise, police officers, 2 others wounded Gunman is dead!
  8. sara1981

    Fbi director james comey is fired

    President Trump have no choice to fired the FBI Director James Comey President Trump Fires FBI Director James Comey
  9. sara1981

    Orange is the new black got hacked of stolen season

    Hacker Demands Ransom for Stolen Season of Orange Is the New Black Hacker demands ransom for new season of 'Orange Is the New Black'...
  10. sara1981

    American airlines employee whacked at mom for strollers!

    'I used to be scared to fly because I thought the plane would crash. The good ole days': Twitter explodes after American Airlines flight attendant 'whacks a mother in the head with a metal stroller' Twitter...
  11. sara1981

    Cleveland police search manhunt and killed man on facebook

    Cleveland police hunting gunman who randomly shot and killed an elderly man on Facebook Live in a fury over gambling debts and a break-up with his girlfriend... and he claims to have killed 14 more
  12. sara1981

    Tennessee abducted student 15 years old by teacher her family begged for her safety returned back

    Abducted student, 15, was forced to hide from teacher, 50, after he began showing up to her work unannounced reveals her tearful sister in emotional family interview
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    Missouri math teacher molested ten students and blamed his crimes

    God damn, you are going to get me fired': Math teacher molested ten students and blamed THEM for his crimes Missouri teacher accused of sexual misconduct faces 20 felonies...
  14. sara1981

    Arkansas mall have new strict policy for with parents and family members with teens

    Park Plaza Mall: No teens without parent Park Plaza Mall says minors to be accompanied by adults after 5 p.m. on Friday, Saturday...
  15. sara1981

    Late princess diana's former butler comes out as gay

    'Diana was the only woman he told': Former Royal butler Paul Burrell reveals he is gay and announces he is to MARRY his lawyer boyfriend just nine months after divorcing his wife of 32 years...
  16. sara1981

    Professional slackliner walks across a ski lifts cable rescues man hanging neck from his backpack

    Professional slackliner WALKS across a ski lift cable to rescue a man hanging unconscious by the neck from his backpack amazing...
  17. sara1981

    Sister wives daughter mariah comes out as lesbian

    'I'm gay': Sister Wives' daughter Mariah, 21, shocks her parents by coming out as a lesbian
  18. sara1981

    Debbie reynolds died at 84 years old after her daughter carrie's passing away

    Carrie Fisher's mother Debbie Reynolds, 84, dies a day after her daughter Debbie Reynolds Dies at 84 — Just One Day after Daughter Carrie...
  19. sara1981

    Helpless biker captures footages of driver

    'Pull over! Oh my god': Helpless biker captures footage of driver 'suffering stroke at the wheel' on a Florida motorway, smashing into street lights and careering off-road...
  20. sara1981

    Ross harris sentence to life in prison without parole

    Grim-faced Ross Harris sentenced to life in prison without parole for leaving his 22-month-old son Cooper to die in a hot car while he sexted other women...