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  1. zeefour

    Mod to Stop the Dating/Personals Spam?

    Title says it all can someone stop this?
  2. zeefour

    Gallaudet ASLPI (ASL Proficiency Interview)

    Hi everyone! If you don't know my background, here's a quick recap. I'm a 29 year old HoH girl, who was mainstreamed and use hearing aids, I have severe hearing loss in one ear and profound in the other right now, it's progressed since I was little. In school I was exposed to signed English and...
  3. zeefour

    Deaf and swimming?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but anyone else out there a swimmer? I was on swim team when I was younger but it was easier with my whole team and coach knowing I couldn't hear. Now I swim regularly at the gym but keep running into people trying to communicate with me and I'm in the...
  4. zeefour

    Audie Wants Me to Get $5200 Hearing Aids (Resound) Need Help, Recommendations etc

    Hey everyone. I finally have a good audiologist. She's great and was super helpful. Said that the other tests were showing some of my cochlea hair weren't badly damaged, but I had other inner ear damage in addition to my temporal bone fracture. Anyway as much as I love her and will keep her as...
  5. zeefour

    Florida doesn't require certification for terps

    I hope this hasn't been posted somewhere else,
  6. zeefour

    New asl t-shirt!!

    Hope it's not too hard to read it, let me know :-)
  7. zeefour

    Looking for new ear molds? are ear molds being phased out?

    As I'm sure a lot of you have seen, I've been struggling to update my hearing aid after switching from Tricare military insurance to Medicaid. I've been looking at private companies where I can buy a new one out of pocket. I'm running into a lot of places that say they don't offer ear molds and...
  8. zeefour

    Colorado medicaid- any state medicaid. how to pay for ha?

    Hey everyone. It's that time again where I need a new hearing aid (I have a BAHA on my other ear). I have Medicaid in Colorado. I used to have Tricare and had an audiologist through the military hospital. Now the first audiologist for Medicaid I hated, she was so rude and she tried to question...
  9. zeefour

    Ada suit against my university?

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around I've been so stressed out with school and work. I am a semester away from graduating from Metro State in Denver with my BS in Human Services to be an Addiction Counselor. With one year left in my degree the head of the department banned me from any in...
  10. zeefour

    Decorated my ha!

    I already had made it green, now I used some other patterned contact paper. I'm getting a new one soon, this one is on it's last legs but it's all I could afford since it's the only one Medicaid paid for in my state, it was really screwy. It has a lot of awful feedback, I can't wait to get a new...
  11. zeefour

    Need help with youtube captions for hw

    Hey guys, I am trying to watch required videos on YouTube for one of my classes. The problem is I can't for the life of me get the captions to wok. Even with my hearing aids all the way up I'm having a really hard time understanding the videos. I know there's a caption option I remember my...
  12. zeefour

    Dead heritage month in colorado

    Anyone here from Colorado? If so will you be attending any of the Deaf Heritage Month Events in Denver? If so, send me a message. I'd like to meet other Deaf and HoH people in Colorado! Deaf Month by zeefour posted Sep 17, 2017 at 1:22 PM
  13. zeefour

    Hi! hoh college student taking asl

    Hi everyone. I'm a 26 year old college student. I was born hearing, but was in a bad car accident when I was 6. I had a bad head injury and fractured my temporal bone. It resulted in "conductive unilateral hearing loss", one ear is worse than the other. I used BTE hearing aids until I was a...