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    Hi, I was not in alldeaf for long time.

    Some people from alldeaf know me. I was not around much. I was in very ugly divorce and had social service. I had to brought my son from Colorado from social service. My ex husband was not taking good care of my son. I had many happening in my life. Now I have a new wonderful boyfriend...
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    I need tell you something.

    I moved to Utah from Colorado because I want to get divorce. I left my husband for good reasons. I was suffering with him for many years. my love was gone. I cannot stay with him that my love is gone. I don't feel any emotion that I left him. I still feel so sad that I miss my son. I cannot...
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    sorry, I spelled wrong. It is sxyporkie. opps I tried call her at vp. I am worrying about her. Do you know about her? anyone?
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    My half sister don't know how read.

    I really love my half sister so much. I am so angry with her mother because my half sister don't know how read well. She is 18 years old already. I didn't approve her mother that she didn't want my half sister to go school. I asked her why she didnt let her go school. Her mom said because...
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    My Rabbit gave me bad day! lol

    My rabbit live outside. Anyway I had to check him because we had to move him other room and we will clean his old room. I caught a hole that he tried run away from room. I had to cover the hole with heavy rock. My rabbit got mad at me because of it. He digged and I watched him. He pee over my...
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    I have question for Anyone who have Ci children.

    Hello, I don't want offend you. Why you always go Hearing aid and Cochlear implant thread all the time instead walk around Any General, school, food, etc? I dont like Ci but I still walk around hearing aids and CI thread and learn about them. Why cannot you learn our deaf culture?
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    Will NJ allow deaf people drive? Please post if anyone live in NJ.

    I had chat with a person. He never know that I can drive. He made big deal about this. He said it is against law that in NJ deaf people drive. They are not allowed to drive. I didnt want believe him because I have a friend who live in NJ and she have driver licence and she can drive. I know her...
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    Surpise for you, Sunshinelady!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday and Enjoy!! :birthday:
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    I like to know your opinion

    which handicap or deaf that anyone label you? I know many deaf people dont like "dumb deaf". I prefer anyone label me deaf. I would feel offend if they label me handicap. That is my opinion.
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    College and Young adult students

    Hello , Let’s start with some facts: 18-24 year olds spend more time online than any other age group. You purchase more things online, and you spend more money online than anyone else. You are a key part of what generated the 200 Billion $$$ spent on Internet shopping last year! You probably...
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    Look for home based business?

    Hello , You’re looking for a business opportunity. I’m so glad because it means you want to change your life. I’m sure you already know how important it is to find that right opportunity. When I started looking for a business I knew that 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a...
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    Atten very important

    Hi, my friend told me that she tried sign up through my website Welcome to Glorie's mall . she said MPM told her that she cannot sign up. We don't know why Anyone, I really need know about do you have problem with sign up? I would appericate if you tell me. Please send pm me ASAP I can fix...
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    ATTEN Very important info

    Hi, My friend told me that she tried sign up through my website. MPM told her that no she cannot sign up. We have no idea why. Anyone, I really need know do you have problem to sign up? Did MPM tell you the reason. Please pm me asap! I can fix this problem You will realize that I...
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    My Power Mall I found scripts that you can read

    Hi, I realized that many deaf people cannot hear what movie say. Please go Welcome to Glorie's mall you can click " Read text version. You can understand what movie are talking about. I am sorry about that.
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    MPM websites

    Do you have problem to view my power mall websites? I notice that view were69. Noone pm me. Please tell me what do you think? You can look at my thread " do you love shop on internet? you can shop and get rebate at job. I wont be offend if you tell me about what do you think.
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    Do you love shop on internet? You can shop and get rebate.

    Hello, I found a cool websites and love them. I can shop and get rebate. Please check my two websites. Welcome to Glorie's mall and Welcome to Glorie's mall. No MLM, No selling, No playing game. You can pm me and ask me questions. P.S I asked Alex and RR about is it okay that I make...
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    I finally made at 2,000 post. wow

    Congrats for me. I love alldeaf and you guys.
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    you cannot hear yourself if you make any noise

    I m pure deaf. I don't like wear hearing aid because it cause me dizzy and hurt my head. I love being deaf. My hearing husband told me that I always make too noise. I asked him why do I have those? He explained that my voice make werid sound that I don' realize during I was quiet. I slapped any...
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    Do you have problem with Mod?

    :pissed:Yes I have problem with Mods because I tried send them info that I have problem. Mods never respond me back. I cannot believe that there have more than one mods. I dont understand why mods ingore. I dont mean to bash but I need vent out.
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    Knitter atten

    do you know how find I love you sign language pattern for knitting? Please let me know. Thank you ghsh1996