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  1. crsn68

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    I started to learn ASL a few months ago with online videos and stepped it up to weekly private ASL lessons. Let me know what your schedule is. I am pretty flexible and live in California so I am on PST
  2. crsn68

    Palm springs

    Hi, I am Carl and having been learning ASL since the beginning of this year. I am looking for a practice buddy. My husband and I relocated from Chicago to West Hollywood 2 years ago. let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Carl
  3. crsn68

    New student wanting to practice ASL with others online.

    I am a new hearing student of ASL. I started an online course and learned a lot and now have started with private lessons weekly. I would love to practice with someone on a regular basis to become proficient. I have a very flexible schedule and live in California. Thanks, Carl