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  1. Mart

    Are you joking!

    Better late than never. :mrgreen: If a Deaf child swears does his mother wash his hands with soap and water? Deafness is becoming quite a problem for me. I never thought I would hear myself say that. Question: How do you stop Deaf people arguing...
  2. Mart

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    What am I doing right now!, I'm typing this!!:type: & waiting for the rain to stop, so I can carry mowing the lawn & the neighbours might even get their footballs back.:laugh2:
  3. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    That sounds like the old system we had in the UK, I think somewhere from the 90's, but that is actually still used here on some channels, because different channels use different subs providers, but coloured makes conversations a whole lot easier to follow.
  4. Mart

    A lot people say I'm funny, but I don't listen to them,:rofl: Ice tea is really nice, Chamomile...

    A lot people say I'm funny, but I don't listen to them,:rofl: Ice tea is really nice, Chamomile yucky, each to their own, so give me a beer please!.:cheers:
  5. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Do you get the multicoloured subs, a different colour each character on screen, such blue, red, yellow, white & black, in the US?.
  6. Mart

    Are you joking!

    We all need a bit of a laugh at times especially now, I found a selected few jokes referring to deafness, these are not aimed at being offensive or ridicule anyone, just hopefully seen here as humour, feel free to add some of your own. Patient – “Doctor I think I’m going deaf.” Doctor...
  7. Mart

    Hey can I get a Coffee around here!!!, oh wait, I'm English I prefer tea. :D Are you a coffee...

    Hey can I get a Coffee around here!!!, oh wait, I'm English I prefer tea. :D Are you a coffee only girl?.
  8. Mart

    Hello all!!

    Welcome to Alldeaf Trevor.
  9. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Shortening conversations is bad enough, some channels here I even get out of sequence subs, like the texting is lagging, enough to driving you insane trying to keep up.:D I do occasionally try with my aid in, but with background sound & effects I find it impossible.
  10. Mart

    Hi y’all.

    Hey CoffeeFanatic, welcome to Alldeaf, cool nick btw.
  11. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Hey Heavy, reading your story very similar to the research I did online & with a few deaf friends into the 60's to the 80's, whereby deaf & hoh children were sent to specials school, some called them either, schools for slow learners or backward schools, some kind of reference that these...
  12. Mart

    What kind of trade jobs can deaf and hard of hearing have?

    Hey Darrr, I've been in the timber trade for 25 years, before that 15 years in construction & have worked with deaf & hard of hearing trades people male & female, quality & speed of work counts far more than disabilities. I've worked with an amputee, a carpenter & he was amazing how he adapted...
  13. Mart

    What do you do for living?

    Retired timber machinist, 25 years in the timber trade, was made redundant 4 years ago, so now unofficially retired," beats saying, unemployed :giggle: ".
  14. Mart

    Didnt realise

    Hey Danielle, welcome to Alldeaf.
  15. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Hey Heavy, Hedgehog, wow I've never heard of any of them systems you talk about, I lost most of my hearing 6 years ago & been an aid wearer for 2 years. Can I ask how far back are you guys remembering, is this from the 70's & 80's?. I'm 58 btw, born 1962, didn't lose my hearing till around...
  16. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    up until 2009 we just had 5 channels "bbc1, bbc2, itv, channel 4 & channel 5" then we went digital which was great, except 99% of us have to buy either new digital tv's or a digital converter box, similar to yours I guess, as it obviously meant Cathode ray tube tv's are now redundant. Now we...
  17. Mart


    Hey Dave, welcome to Alldeaf :)
  18. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Wow your subtitle options are far more variable than us in the UK who view free tv, being retired I can't actually afford to have Sky or any subscription service, but totally agree that some subtitle services aren't very good & here they shorten so much of the real conversation, which pretty...
  19. Mart

    Hey Gang

    Thanks Zephren, seems I've missed the heydays of this site, I hope it picks up soon!.
  20. Mart

    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    Hiya Caramlmachiato, I used to have the same problem not being able to sleep at night due to tinnitus, I found thinking of nice memories or just thoughts of past times can distract the tinnitus enough to eventually fall asleep in a reasonable time, kind of overriding it with thoughts.