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  1. BecLak

    Can HOH genuinely identify as Deaf?

    This is a question which tends to circulate with mirage of differing opinions. Some swinging the pendulum as far 'They're faking' or 'using SIgn Language as your primary language is the key' and many inbetween. What's your opinion? (Be nice ;-) )
  2. BecLak

    Deaf/SignLanguage Movie List

    As we have a Booklist Thread, let's have a Deaf/Sign Language Movie list Thread. It can bè be in any SL (ASL, BSL, Auslan, etc). It would be good to also have weblinks to where you an purchase them. :ty:
  3. BecLak

    What is your mode of communication with Hearies?

    As a Deafie, What are some of the ways you communicate with Hearing people?
  4. BecLak

    If there was anything in world....?

    If there was anything in the world that you would/could change in your life right now, what would it be? For me, it would be that I could be fluent in Auslan and use it full-on without hesitation and go back to teaching again, but this time in sign language.
  5. BecLak

    Deaf Equality

    Deaf Equality is the Theme of the WFD Conference this year. What equality issues would you prioritise on if given the choice? What would you put as Number 1 on your list? Mine is: Here in Australia, I want to see Auslan widely accepted to the point of having Auslan interpretation not only...
  6. BecLak

    Signed Songs

    Wirelessly posted Are all songs interpreted into sign language done in PSE? There are so many signs to try and fit in to such a short space of time. I'm all fingers and palms trying to keep up in church. Aargh!
  7. BecLak

    Swimming Against the Tide

    Wirelessly posted Swimming against the tide of public opinion do you believe that one lone person can make a difference? Yes or no, and why....
  8. BecLak

    Happy Christmas and New Year 2012

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR 2012 TO ALL ON ALLDEAF! Looking forward to a another great year. Keep Safe! :wave:
  9. BecLak

    I will ask Hearies for only one favour.....

    Wirelessly posted I will ask Hearies for only one favour.... To take a STEP in my direction: S - Sign T - Text E - Email P - Pen and paper
  10. BecLak

    Deaf Values

    Wirelessly posted Our values are at the very core of what constitutes who we are as a person. They are what we place the most importance on and what we teach our children and our children's children. Putting our religious values aside for a moment - what values as a Deafie do you hold as...
  11. BecLak

    Using Sign Language Voice Off....

    Wirelessly posted Using sign language voice off with someone who doesn't know sign language -How difficult is it for you to communicate? Share your stories please.
  12. BecLak

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see? How do you perceive yourself as a person and how do you think others perceive you? I am a person of principle. I am very firm about my values. I stick by the rules, so to speak. I see things very black and white, no gray areas...
  13. BecLak

    Finally! Photos of our family pets.

    J Here are photos of our family pets. We also have an old Labrador, haven't got an photo of him yet.
  14. BecLak

    Speech: A blessing or a curse?

    There is a hot debate going on in our home at the moment. I am the only one deaf in our family. My husband and children are all hearing. My husband speaks several languages, so our family is in a muti-lingual environment. When I informed my family that I preferred to go voice-off and use...
  15. BecLak

    Same/Similar Sign - Different Meanings

    Comparing Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to ASL (American Sign Language) there are several similar signs but they have different meanings for example, to name a few: Auslan "where" is the same sign as ASL "what" Auslan "what" is the same sign as ASL "where" Auslan "die" is the same...
  16. BecLak

    For being all the wiser......

    Knowing what you know now and for being all the wiser, (forgetting the past and moving forward) what would you do to improve/enhance/simplify/make better your life right now, today?
  17. BecLak

    Audism - The Definition and the Audist View

    It appears a need to have some clarification on this issue that 'pushes buttons' for many of us. Some do not seem to have a clear understanding of this view and it's concept. In starting this thread it is my intention in an attempt to make it as clear-cut as possible. Some people claim they...
  18. BecLak

    From a Deaf Perspective: Express it as it is for you.

    What do you want the world to know? Use a quote or a statement. Keep it as short as possible please and remember the title of the thread. :ty: I will start it off: Respect is like a boomerang. Give it and it comes right back to you. If you don't respect us, how can you expect us to...
  19. BecLak

    Sound Transmitters and Receivers

    Hi everyone:wave: I have a question. I am looking into to purchasing a Silent Touch Watch Vibrating Receiver from the Silent Call Signature Series. There are, of course, transmitters with various functions. Doorbell transmitters, phone transmitters and Sound transmitters. The...
  20. BecLak

    Accomddations for the d/Deaf should be made more visible

    To raise more awareness, accomodations for the d/Deaf should be made more visible. Re: Braille on the elevator/lift buttons for the Blind. Signs should be displayed more visibly showing accomodations for the d/Deaf, just like there are signs for Free Wireless Internet etc. I know there are...