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  1. cdmeggers

    ice hole!

    saw this on FB, made me laugh
  2. cdmeggers

    my hearing aid's funky

    2 days now, my Naida will suddenly decrease in volume for no reason! Everything's fine, then BOOM sudden silence, I fiddle with the hearing aid (seems that fiddling with the tubing helps the most) and normal again.. only to do it again... and again... and again.... and AGAIN! O_o wtf? haha...
  3. cdmeggers

    my youtube

    Thought I'd share my youtube channel. Right now has 3 videos uploaded from when I was a kid at the deaf school signing and acting out "4 Little Pigs" play and Nursery Rhymes (have a few more videos that I plan on uploading at some point of stuff we did at the deaf school). NOT ASL, but Signing...
  4. cdmeggers

    new TV

    I'm going to buy a new TV, just so I don't have to haul the old BIG TV that I have over to my new apartment (I really don't think anyone will want to try hauling it up the stairs at my new place...). Any suggestions on which flat screen TV I should get that has the best captioning services? I...
  5. cdmeggers

    boy, moving sure is a lotta work!

    But it'll all be worth it once I get settled in at the new apartment. SMOKE FREE! and the pool is in front of my apartment, yay! The apartment I'm moving to is just a lot nicer, so I'm looking forward to living there. Just don't care for all the work involved with packing, cleaning, moving...
  6. cdmeggers

    Historic preservation commission wants to save deaf school

    Historic preservation commission wants to save deaf school The Casper Historic Preservation Commission has begun an effort to save the former Wyoming School for the Deaf building from demolition The building that housed the Wyoming School for the Deaf is in danger of being demolished...
  7. cdmeggers

    T-Comm for AB's Neptune

    I don't know how many AB users there are on these forums, but just thought I'd post anyway. The T-Comm accessory (the T-Mic and T-Coil accessory) for the Neptune is now available in the US and Canada for those wanting to use this with their Neptune (can be used with the PSP BWP too). Call or...
  8. cdmeggers

    just got a young cat

    Just brought home a cat yesterday. She mainly hangs out in my bathroom while I work with my dog to not get so excited over the cat. A few times I'll bring my dog to just outside the bathroom and let him look in and see the cat, and let the cat see him, both a safe distance away from one another...
  9. cdmeggers

    auditory rehab

    for those of you who have CI's and want to do some auditory rehab, there's a new software available that you can download to your computer called Angel Sound, found at About Angel Sound It's the new version of Sound and Way Beyond, with bilateral training, advanced training modules and more...
  10. cdmeggers

    want a laptop

    My grandparents are giving me up to $1000 for a new computer. I'm looking around at laptops to replace my Acer Aspire netbook (it's like 3 years old, doesn't even work all that well anymore). I want a good sturdy quality laptop (not a Mac, won't be able to afford that, don't want the Mac Air or...
  11. cdmeggers

    Cochlear does voluntary recall of unimplanted N5 devices

    Just posting this for those interesting in getting Cochlear's implants.
  12. cdmeggers

    youtube movie rental

    I just now noticed Youtube now does movie rentals (streaming). Just curious if anyone here has tried Youtube's movie service, and if youtube has captions/subtitles for the rentals. Also, how much of the Netflix streaming content has captions? Does even more streaming content have subtitles...
  13. cdmeggers

    deaf friendly wireless service

    So which wireless provider is more deaf friendly? Verizon or AT&T? I've been happy with T-mobile and the Sidekicks, but not sure if I want to stay on T-mobile (if only I could get more info on what the new data-only plan would cost if I were to get the new Sidekick...). I'm in the state of...
  14. cdmeggers

    Verizon plans

    I'm debating switching from T-Mobile to Verizon in May when my T-mob contract is up. I'm still happy with T-Mobile, have no serious issues with them. Customer service has been great for me, and I'm extremely happy with just the Data only plan at $29.99 a month. But the thing is, Wyoming is not a...
  15. cdmeggers


    anyone here use the icom? Since I've got issues with TecEar's NoizFree music link already, I'm trying to find other solutions to listen to music on my ipod. I'm going to talk with my audie when I see her next Tuesday, but wanted to get some feedback on here in the meantime.
  16. cdmeggers

    new audie

    Finally! I got to see the new audie at the office yesterday (former one is out of office to help a relative.. grr I've been trying to switch audies but the assistant kept insisting I didn't need to switch!). Anyway, after seeing her yesterday I was very happy with the appointment. got an earmold...
  17. cdmeggers

    Direct Audio Input (DAI)

    Does anyone here use DAI to listen to their music, phone, etc.? Just curious how well this works. I use Hatis Epic and t-coil on my hearing aid to listen to music, but I do get electrical sounds/buzzing when I'm near computers and stuff.
  18. cdmeggers

    Phonak vs. Oticon

    I've worn Phonak HAs since I became deaf at age 2, and have always been happy enough with their products (until I tried out the Naida for 3 months a couple years back, which I didn't much care for). Now I'm just wondering how the Oticon products compare to Phonak. I currently am wearing Phonak's...
  19. cdmeggers

    Coming out of isolation

    Just reading the bit about the insurance denying hearing aid coverage for the kid pissed me off to no end. Just because deaf people can still communicate with signs doesn't mean insurance can deny providing coverage for hearing aids/CIs. Give me a break.
  20. cdmeggers

    earmold costs

    I'm annoyed that I just got charged $75 for a SINGLE earmold.. ONE! I'd expect that kind of price for a pair, but not just 1! Golly, my audie keeps bumping the earmold price up every year or 2, it's ridiculous. My last one cost $68 (which is still a lot). But $75, seriously? dude..... not cool!