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    Action Alert! Improve the Quality of Live Captions on TV—Your Comments Needed by September 13!

    Hi Guys!! Thought I share this with you all. Some of you may already have this information but I encourage everyone to send a comments about the quality of the CC. To me, the quality of CC is really bad. Every single channel always something different. So, please send a comments!! Thanks!! If...
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    Amazon Delivery employees

    Hi Guys! Anyone who work for Amazon that deliver packages and use Amazon truck or van, I'm curious does Amazon truck provide GPS or built in GPS?? Someone asked me if I have any GPS that I no longer use and she need one? I'm puzzled about it.
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    FIOS One voice command

    I thought I share this funny thing happening days ago. As you may seen it all on TV commercial about how new Xfinity Voice command that you can say thing what you need to look for.... So I thought I test it myself to see if it can pick my deaf voice!! You know when you say something and you...
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    CC woes....

    Over the years when you was watching TV and sometime you saw CC delayed, or missing captions or no captions at all and the biggest enemy is caption showing "TEST TEST TEST" and THAT drive me crazy. You know how difficult to pin point where the CC problem coming from? You know it can be coming...
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    I'm sure you heard the rumor by now. For those who didn't, click the link below, from Daily Moth, watch it at the end of the video at 14:35 and tell me if you believe there's something wrong with it?
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    Medical in ASL like WebMD?

    Hey Everyone! Need help here, I have been looking for a website that show health question to answer in ASL like WebMD. I saw it long time ago and now I can't remember the name of the site. Do you know the name? Thanks!
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    May the Force be with You

    Hey Star War Fans!! How do you all sign this? It sounded more of "Good luck", but at first I was thinking more this signing: You, Serenity, Bye... No?
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    Retiring truck?

    This year, I think I"m going to retire my truck. I have been owning truck for many years, starting Ford Ranger all the way to Toyota Tacoma. So I have been doing lot of research on mid size SUV, which I'm thinking of getting it. I'm looking at like new Toyota Highlander, Madza CX-9, Lexus NX or...
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    What dawn onto me... When I was talking to someone about my experience and I was trying to calculate how many years I've experiences in computer technology then I stopped for second... and realized that I hit 40 years. Starting with old teleprint (or teletype) machine with octal paper tape which...
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    Hey nvp-2 users

    Which screen saver did you all pick on Ntouch VP 2 ?? I'm curious which is the most popular one. I was going to use Poll but there are many screen savers there... I'll start with mine.... the Sunset beach (with wave going in an out)
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    Interesting New Drone

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    Looking For Cheap Graphic Card

    Meh...$101,518.86, not bad of a price....
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    Would you like to own all this? It's about $250,000 in there.
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    DSL coming back??

    There's a new technology that can use over the phone with a speed of Google fiber like..... Mmmmm....kay...
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    For Drone owners!

    If you own a drone, you must register it with the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry. A federal law effective December 21, 2015 requires unmanned aircraft registration, and you are subject to civil and criminal penalties if you do not register...
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    Ready for 8K TV?

    Who really need it?? 4K is good enough!
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    Reorganize my desk again

    Finally got my request to order rotating (swivel) Arm for TV so that way I can put stuff under my VP TV. Before I have no place to put Kleenex, pen/pencil cup and tools cup etc. Now I can!!
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    Has anyone get frustrated using either pre-recorded or live webinars? I had an interesting discussion with one guy and he asked me if there's any setting to turn on CC? I told him that there's not such a thing coming from any small companies produce a webinars. Microsoft and other large...
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    Interesting Wifi SSID

    When I finally arrived at the beach house and I pulled out my laptop/tablet and open my wifi connection and all of sudden I find a interesting name... Virus Mmmm, why the world they want to call this SSID "Virus", Well I guess it keep the hacker away....
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    Does anyone have good link or info for English to Spanish Sign Language. I found one website but it's all Spanish Language. What I was trying to find a SSL for "Victim". I know Spanish word for it "Victima" but I need in SSL. Or do anyone here know how to sign for it?