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    Real Estate Agent-Sign Language California

    Hello and Welcome aboard!
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    Coronavirus: A real health threat or not?

    I totally agree with your opinion. I also heard from the news before that says, “Nearly every U.S. infectious disease physician and epidemiologist had advised the public not to wear masks in the early days of the pandemic. Then we changed our tune. That’s how science works. Research advances...
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    Deaf child

    That was very well said. I couldn't agree more.
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    New here!

    Welcome and enjoy the stay.
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    Anti-ADA Judge Terrence Boyle

    Dude, why you comment on a 5years dead thread?
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    "i'm a little bit deaf"....

    I 100% agree with you, gnuuser.
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    How to lose weight fast

    Simple tips yet very helpful, I haven't experience getting fat but still, I do workouts. :)
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    Let me when happen.

    Maybe soon you'll able to find your lover and live happily together. Make yourself cheered up always! :)
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    I am looking for a girlfriend to get married

    This is really hard unless you find someone online or in real life. Are you a shy person by any chance?
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    Do you agree?

    I really understand your point and this is exactly what all single want during these times.
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    Click if ur a teen lesbian

    Hi, I'm here!