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    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Helllllo everyone wow long time no see ya'll i wanna stop by drop to say Merry Christmas to ya'll. I have been busy lately wonder about alldeaf to check it out wow i know i m soooo behind darn my friend email me this so wonderful christmas ecard make ya'll goosebump see how cute animals doing...
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    ~ merry christmas to ya'll ~

    WOOF WOOF Long time no see ya'll. i wanna share to say.... uummmm Today i decide walk to visit Oreo my dog's grave. Pandy another younger dog sit beside by me. i told Oreo and Pandy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of em since PANDY birthday yesterday and Oreo s bday today so i wanna say same time. WOW i...
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    New Update pic of me and my babe!!!!

    :wave: I wanna tell u all finally i got woman in my life. We always pest n challenge each other. We finally met irl WOW she make me very happier in my life and good memories with my babe. At airport got her 3 roses then We go Red Robin restaurant chat with my friendz Polar and Tweety we have...
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    In Lovin Memory *baby Boy Oreo*

    ~*~IN LOVIN MEMORY ~*~ 1992-2008 BABY BOY OREO My Friend Polar took me to take my dog OREO to vet this morning, i explain Dr. Able what goin on ? since last fri he been sick -throw up, dirrehea, seizure, coughin. Dr.Able say sound bad detail so he examine OREO...
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    Guess Who sleepin? ZzZzZzZzZ

    :lol: ofc that TWEETYBIRD let me tell ya'll lil story at first TWEETYBIRD very excitin can' t wait pick her new kitten she did ck on friend thurs night say he doin good she can't wait pick kitten sunday somehow friend info TWEETYBIRD sorry kitten died fri mornin TWEETYBIRD was so down sad and...
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    Psst Guess Who got buzz?!?!?

    :rofl: i laugh so hard when my best friend TWEETYBIRD sent me goofy looks in email i think it funny goofy TWEETYBIRD gettin buzz from drinkin oh no thud? and watch out her fish kissin :lol:
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    TORNADO hit High School in ENTERPRISE, AL kill 13

    TORNADO hit HIGH SCHOOL in ENTERPRISE, AL it south alabama darn big damage wow ouchie Tornadoes kill 13 in Alabama; Mo. girl - Yahoo! News
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    James Brown died, 73

    'Godfather of Soul' James Brown Dies, 73 By GREG BLUESTEIN, Associated Press Writer 16 minutes ago ATLANTA - James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured "Godfather of Soul," whose revolutionary rhythms, rough voice and flashing footwork influenced generations of musicians from rock to rap, died...
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    I wanna tell ya'll about TWEETYBIRD

    Last night TWEETYBIRD im me say feel funny pain n very itchy inside i say really where on she say on right of her stomach i say really so she sent me pic where pinky spot with red dot i told her i have that before on my back twice i told her it s cyst she say really she can't sleep good pain...
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    My Furkidz New Update pics

    Let's me tell u my pup pandy just turn 1 yr old today TWEETYBIRD come visit see pandy to give her bday new toy pandy love new toy playfully with new toy all day n all night now worn out fall asleep with new toy too dark in dogbed will take pic of pandy with new toy soon here pics of furkidz...
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    Bday Pup

    i just got surprise present from my DAD got me this cute pup for my bday it s TOY SHIH TZU 6 wks old is she cute ? i called her PANDY
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    What A Pity Poor Pitbull!!

    OUCHIE!!! that pitbull got attacker by porcupine my friend sent me that email that ow poor pitbull stubborn annoy the porcupine oh boy
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    Awww Isn't This Sweet?
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    Met Famous Singer

    gotcha is it cute ? :rofl: :)
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    :-o Is :naughty: BOY? do that? that ow for sure get tweezer pull out ow! ow! ow!
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    Goor Morning Ad'ers

    GOOD MORNIN ALL AD'ER {{YAWN}} need coffee & donuts?? ohh need brush teeth shiny fang ?? :lol: is it cute?
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    7 Dwarves Have Pms ?

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    Weather Warning!!!

    :fu: :lol:
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    Oops ?!?

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    Is It Cute?

    FLOWER PUP? :lol: