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  1. saxxykitty78

    introduction: Hello Everyone!!

    welcome to that u will feel comfortable to find good friend or 2 to discuss and know that u are not alone who have moderate hearing loss and I'm 100% deaf but i had met few people who had that happen tot hem and they had to eventually learn how to sign cuz not hearing good anymore...
  2. saxxykitty78

    What mobile games are your playing during CoViD-19 Lockdown?

    I play games like on my iphone or farmville 2 or they have new asphalt legends 9 on facebook it is nice they have cars race on that facebook tho.. I guess with things going a bit insane it is nice to play games and do homework too cuz I am still in college till next month tho :)
  3. saxxykitty78

    Looking for a special person to give all my heart and love.

    yeah and time will tell.. don't rush to find the right one it can happen right under your nose.. like I said let love lead you to right person.. I had tried online dating.. I'm done with online dating done that from the time i was 18 till I was 27 now I'm 42.. yeah and u wonder why I still am...
  4. saxxykitty78

    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    thinking of cvs.. I'm going back to work on Friday July 24.. had been out of work for 4 months sheesh.. anyway hope y'all stay safe :)
  5. saxxykitty78

    Hair & nails anyone?

    starting may 4 for calfironia some car washes will open and gardening and few things... I was like ok yep that's for California BUT hair and nail salons I have a feeling they will reopen in july or august.. so gonna wait longer :) cuz governor newson said opening hair and nail salon will be in...
  6. saxxykitty78

    Stay at Home Order

    I had been home since march 13.. no I am not working at the moment cvs decided to put me on leave of absence now i found out it's extended till may 31.. I was like great but I'm graduating from college with computer application level 1 :) yeah from san jose city college I never thought I'll see...
  7. saxxykitty78

    Stay at Home Order

    netflix, movies, reading books on computer, sleeping, and so on.. I'm still around but of course stay at home had been since march 17 here so should finish in may but I doubt that very much so.. stay safe y'all
  8. saxxykitty78

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    checking alldeaf and gonna be out to get ready for super bowl tomorrow :)
  9. saxxykitty78

    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    6 days left till Christmas day is here and I feel weird.. and oh I'm officially on winter break from school til Jan 30, 2020 :)
  10. saxxykitty78

    Depression due to feeling isolated?

    I used to be same way I was isolated from the time i was 17 years old till i was 21 that was when parents let me out. yeah that when I graduated from h.s but mom kinda of forced me to get a job but she thought it will get better but still worse till now but it's near my home i can't complain but...
  11. saxxykitty78

    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    oh? I didn't know that part.. but yeah I have few deaf friends who are homeless as well but i don't want to follow them but sometimes church gives out free dinner that's another thing u can think of :)
  12. saxxykitty78

    Ladies Only

    yeah i had seen new users register once and never come back.... real weird and in end i think they THOUGHT is dating site but try again.. ugh
  13. saxxykitty78

    Crush on a hearing co-worker??

    there is a policy against dating if you work in same company it may lead to having a boss to break up a couple up i had seen few that happened at work long long time ago and i knew better not to bother to date guys who works same place as me if they work at different place but same company then...
  14. saxxykitty78

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    am at library inside san jose city college chilling til time to go home yeah it's too hot to be outside it's like indian summer here in october. ;)
  15. saxxykitty78

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    doing laundry I know late but I'm tired lol :D
  16. saxxykitty78

    I left the garbage disposal on for 45 minutes

    worse was when I didn't realize water was still running in toilet for 2 hours so I had to fix it.. blah at dad he said heh. I was like gimme a break.. ugh anyway yeah being deaf have its advantages I guess.. :)
  17. saxxykitty78

    Time spent on AD?

    lol I would be here other few months oh yeah <------prettyerica36.. I changed username last month I promised alex i will not change often and I did and he was pleased to know i eventually stopped changing usernames too often.. heh since AIM died I kinda of made too much email addresess but...
  18. saxxykitty78

    Does Anyone else think Dating is the worst?

    take my advice.. don't ever meet some1 out of nowhere.. happened to me.. he said he will give me the best night of my life and he took me to a crappy motel room 5 mins after going in there I freaked out told him to take me back to starbucks coffee and never saw him again.. yep he realized I was...
  19. saxxykitty78

    Time spent on AD?

    every other few months when I remind myself to check but this summer seems slow for me but I'll be back in college by september 4th.. yep San Jose City College is late this year ugh ;)
  20. saxxykitty78

    What are you doing right now? Part II

    <-------prettyerica36 changed it recently since I'm not 36 anymore so I'm just surfing thru facebook thinking of making lunch :)