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  1. Katsingle33

    I wont worry About future,better focus present

    I still fight to he positive myself. I was calm down while thinking of something, Who needed my help by our family. If the man didn't searching for me because they hard to finding me for love is important patience, understand, respect and responsible.
  2. Katsingle33

    Just questions

    Do you want to reflect together on our day?
  3. Katsingle33

    Maybe you doesn't know my life is situation... And little difficult life..

    Hmm i've tell you if we should get to know for communication personal And important If someone will understand. So if want you to be friend with me.... I don't mind if u will not interest or interest.. Me..
  4. Katsingle33

    Happy life

    Hi everyone. How do you feel today?? Who did make u Happy from someone? I had experience with my friend that my friend always make me laugh and smile., But sometimes my friend don't have no time because have work. I should understand let"s go.. My friend look like relief.. I don't think...
  5. Katsingle33

    Im being a single and four year and 10months.

    It's time to move on... I keep patience to wait who is guy good the right for me... In the future.. Because I'm strong single.. I never meet any man.. I really realized that they're lied to me.. It's not good. I know they are like me as kind and humble. If communication and be friend Don't...
  6. Katsingle33

    Just looking for man

    Hi I'm Katrina and full deaf.... I'm 34 year old...I just checked who received an messenger for nothing. That's okay :) I still waiting until be patience. I will tell you later thanks
  7. Katsingle33

    I'm being a single "First friendship until be relationship" If we should get to know..

    Hi anyone, I'm a deaf. I'm a kind and soft heart. If I would like to be friend with you.. I really understand and respect you. Maybe hope you will ask me anything. Thank you.