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  1. Catastrophic

    Signs Restaurant!

    This Looks Like A Normal Restaurant, But Once Inside, The Truth Will Amaze You I want to eat here!
  2. Catastrophic

    HA Plugs

    Deafinitely Stylish: Generation X Solution for Concertitis | Gadgets, Science & Technology Now were talking!
  3. Catastrophic

    ASL vs SEE in class

    I am in ASL 3 now. When I took 1, my teacher taught us in ASL. SEE and talking were not allowed. My teacher was hearing. When I got to 2 and now 3, my teacher is actually deaf and teaches in SEE. I find this odd. Anyone have any insight?
  4. Catastrophic

    Tips: Hearing guy meet HoH girl

    Hey so I have had an interested in a girl I see almost everyday I go to school. In our cafeteria, there is a corner where the deaf people hang out together. Well I see this girl there everyday. She is not all the way deaf I am assuming since she wears hearing aids. I have seen her speaking and...
  5. Catastrophic

    Deaf Comedy Show

    Keith Wann Has anyone ever seen or heard of these guys before? (Keith and Wink) I went to see their show at CSDR. I am only in ASL 1 and I absolutely loved this show. It was probably the best comedy show I have ever seen.
  6. Catastrophic

    Hello. My name is Ty.

    Hello my name is Ty. I only just came across this site a few days ago. I am hearing and taking ASL. I have come to really love ASL and seem to pick it up somewhat easy. I am still new to it though. I actually live really close to CSDR and have been there a few times. I started taking ASL for an...