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  1. LinuxGold

    Hi all from LinuxGold

    Hi all!
  2. LinuxGold

    Moved to Tennessee

    Hi everyone! I moved to Nashville, Tennessee! How are everyone in here since I "disappeared"? Anyone in Tennessee?
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    Return of LinuxGold

    Hey all! How are y'all doing?! :D
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    Stopping by to say hi

    Hello all! How are y'all? I'm doing good, divorcing and rebuilding myself at the moment right now. Decided to stop by and say hello.
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    Sorenson VP Interpreter

    For those who work at Sorenson who spoke with me on VP while waiting for other person to do something (Symantec), we talked a lot about gaming. you mentioned that your friend bought Alienware 18 for absolutely no reason after you built a new station for him. We also talked about other...
  6. LinuxGold

    This might not much but... call Sony

    This might NOT penetrate Sony, but we should nicely ask to include Closed Captioning decoder in blu-ray player before sending through HDMI. Please talk nicely, patiently and friendly. I did my part and it took me 45 minutes to get this through. Hopefully, I repeat, hopefully it will make Sony...
  7. LinuxGold

    Your High School Alma Mater

    Can you share your high school Alma Mater? Here is mine (Caesar Rodney High School in Dover, Delaware) Caesar Rodney Alma Mater Let our voices loudly ringing Echo far and near, Songs of...
  8. LinuxGold

    Google: Your new phone carrier?

    Like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and etc... Google could become one of those competitors, see: Google could compete head-on with Verizon, AT&T - Dec. 30, 2010
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    Anyone join member? I join finish about last month about, since that me join, practice pah save gas. me own Toyota Camry 1993 LE V6 6 cylinders wow eat gas City that 16 HWY 22 sum call "Combined MPG" that 19 me follow that ways their list advice ok ok me try drive...
  10. LinuxGold

    ASL only!!!

    MUST ASL sign here no English throw through window. whats up every one, enjoy chat, different, different, different, here all over, ASL come chat come!!! Deaf POWER boom boom boom shake earth crack!
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    Hey Everyone, how are y'all doing so far? Me, busy as usual, stopping by to see how ADers doing.
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    Scammer, Spammer or what have you's

    I am locking up threads that discuss scammer, spammer or what have you because this is a good way for hackers to debate, convince and to lure our weak minds to their activities. As a Technology Coordinator, I am stopping any thread that provides "Social Engineering" grounds to those who operate...
  13. LinuxGold

    Poem: "What Is The Music?"

    What Is The Music? What is the music, O! ‘Tis just the melody, Instrument playing in perfect accordance? ‘Tis a vibration so complex to follow? Searching intensely inside soul so deeply? Beating profoundly relaxing persona, Soothes in one’s mind? True sound and so audaciously Vibrating...
  14. LinuxGold

    Important - Before Discussing Cochlear Implant

    We, the moderators, are very well aware that Cochlear Implant issues are VERY controversial and sensitive amongst the deaf community. We do understand the severity of this issue and it do invoke frustrations, anger and the world of negativity in our souls, however We are NOT here to declare war...
  15. LinuxGold

    Delaware Deaf Professional Happy Hour

    We had our first Delaware Deaf Professional Happy Hour in Delaware and here is the gallery of the first event. Delaware Deaf Professional Happy Hour: Picture Gallery of DDPHH's first event
  16. LinuxGold

    Delaware Deaf Professional Happy Hour

    Here is the new website for DDPHH (Delaware Deaf Professional Happy Hour) which can be found here.
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    ATTENTION: Personal attacks NOT TOLERATED.

    It is VERY tiring for us, as moderators, to try to uphold the rules set by AllDeaf. If you find someone's opinion or views attacking you directly, DO NOT RESPONSE. Report any posts you find offensive TO US. We will TRY and determine whether it is the actual personal attack or not. Second...
  18. LinuxGold

    Flame of Phoenix Rose

    Flame of Phoenix Rose Dying rose pedals floating everywhere on silent shore, Where romance has turned into war, That once, in lost past, signified a true love, Now spill blood of hatred and misery thereof, O! Such betrayal like a fierce fire to vaporizing ice, That turned celestial...
  19. LinuxGold

    Deaf Video Chat

    I've been looking around on 'net endlessly for video chat software where AllDeaf used to gather and chat in video using multiple video windows. Do anyone remember what I am talking about and what software we used?
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    This is LinuxGold stopping by...

    Hey all!!! Haven't been a long while since I last was here.... Been too busy with my new job as Technology Coordinator -- Just stopped by to say hi... how y'all have been?