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  1. LiLyxLui


    there's two questions each for girls/guys? Guys: do you dislike girls controlling you? what if girls did do, what will you to do? #2 question: will you wants to controlling girls or more than that? or did done that? Girls: do u dislike girls controling you? what if guys did do, what...
  2. LiLyxLui

    How do u sleep?

    How do you sleep?
  3. LiLyxLui

    What kinda of boots or shoes do you wear?

    *What kinda of boots or shoes do you wear? As for me...i wear 2 Timberland causal shoes- i have a black four different causal shoes-only Timberland* i post of this pic...>>This is my favortie wear as i have it right now :o This is seems like Boots? huh? Well its casual SHOES! :D...
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    Lily is here again :wave: anyways, i dont feel like surffing on here right now, cuz im fucking still sick>>fever GRR :mad: im gtg back sleep... sighz*:sadwave: