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    I am baaaaack!!

    Hello my friends! I finally remembered my password!!!!! Its been sooo long! Missed you guys! How is Chase? Tousi? All my other buds? GREETINGS!! HUGS!!
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    Sign Language History

    Northwest History: Plains Indian Sign Language Conference The above link has some movies of examples of Native American Sign Language taken 130 years ago! It was thought to be a dying culture so someone wanted to record on video the various tribal signs. It cost $5000 to record these! What...
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    Sleight of Hand

    oops trying again
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    Now I Got It!

    Here I am starting my own new game! I was on and there was a section for people to learn ASL idioms and I thought if Deaf people who are trying to learn English, games are a good way to do it and, since no one really speaks proper English any more and most people communicate by...
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    My latest adaptation of Shakespeare

    A jest's prosperity lies in the EYE Of him that SEES it, never in the HAND Of him that makes it. (hope you don't mind William)
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    Is this understandable in Deaf Culture?

    Is this concept only appropriate to a hearing culture or would Deaf people find this funny since every one laughs and every one knows when something is fake like some laughter on TV?
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    Hubbys new job!

    My Hubby has landed a new and better job position, and while it keeps him away during the week, (thank you internet! that we can easily stay in contact) and he is home on weekends, it is better pay and less time driving and the drive is easier. But the exciting part is that one of his...
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    A Political Poem

    She’s Clueless Does music charm Her savage breast, Even though She's failed the test? She thought the public young and old was hers to have hers to hold! It's not just health care nor immigrant abuses. It's not just taxes or gender misuses. This public rejection, looking like...
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    A Sign Of The Times

    alldeaf says my files are too big? So to see this cartoon you'll have to click here. fredfam1 - A SIGN OF THE TIMES
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    Hearie attempts Deaf Humor

    This blond Deafie met her long time brunette Deafie friend on the street one day. "Hey she signed, I haven't seen you in forever! Why haven't you contacted me with VRS?" "But you don't have a VRS!" the BrntD friend signed back "That's correct, but YOU do!" signed the Blnd D...
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    Fredfam1 Conducts Another Experiment

    10 year old daughter is enjoying this learning task. But she enjoys every learning task except long division. 7 year old son is excited and "getting it" very quickly! As I said he already understands phonics but just seems to have trouble blending his written words. 12 year old son is very...
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    Wish Me Luck

    If the weather permits, tomorrow I am hosting a Deaf Chat Coffee at the local coffee shop in Willamina Oregon. My kids will help bus tables,(clean up, etc) and we will get the opportunity to practice our ASL. I hope the weather permits. I already have one Deaf friend cancel due to the...
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    Do Hands Have a Tone Of Voice?

    When hearing couples have been together for a long time and a disagreement occurs, one will often say to the other, "Don't you dare speak to me in THAT tone of voice". My hubby and I call this the ole tone of voice argument. So my question is if a deaf couple were doing the same thing and...
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    Religion Thread?

    I couldn't find a place for religious topics on here. Which group would it be in? Anyway the following link will be cool for many people because it has Bible stories in it. Even if you are not religious it pays to be culturally aware. So enjoy. Vocabulary in the Lutheran Church -...
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    Cultural Confusion

    I took my three youngest children to observe a college level ASL 1 class. They sat and paid attention, even when the instructor was demonstrating the use of eyebrows in ASL grammar. Today I took my youngest with me on errands, (he is 7) and we were waiting in a restaurant while a...
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    I am a sponge, Absorbing and Excreting, Emotions. Alone I am nothing. Cathe
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    Deaf Humor?

    I have a hobby of studying humor of different cultures. And I am fascinated by the fact that for something to be funny to a Deaf person it has to be visual in nature, generally speaking. Having noted that, here is my question. Is Dave Armand, aka Johan Liebowitz as funny to Deaf people as...
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    This is too cute!

    I found this on youtube so let me try to do that thing!
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    A Dog that can Sign!

    YouTube - Bilingual Doggy I don't know how to add this video here but if the above link doesn't work you can go on YouTube and do a search. type in Bilingual Doggy and watch my daughters dog try to sign pretty girl! It is too cute!
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    Hello all

    I am a hearing disabled vietnam era veteran. I am seeking deaf friends to communicate with. I became intrested in ASL and the deaf community in college. When I went to college in Alaska ASL was the only other class that would fit into my schedual. I decided to try it and my instructor gave...