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    Picture of your wound

    We have them...those "war wounds" of ours where we'd sometime show it off to other people. I have a few but will show this one that happened several years ago. Aikido martial arts training in a knife fight (knife take-away for advanced students). knife...the other guy? An 8 inch...
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    80 million expected to lose their health care plans

    Almost 80 million with employer health care plans could have coverage canceled, experts predict | Fox News "Almost 80 million with employer health care plans could have coverage canceled, experts predict" If you like your plan, you can keep it. Period. Apparently not. And yet...
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    1,776 ft tall....12 years later

    One World Trade Center construction time-lapse video - YouTube
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    Dad unfit parent for not taking son to McDonalds

    Oh, spare me this nonsense! What the father did was probably the smartest thing. The kid had a choice. NY dad deemed unfit for not taking son to McDonald's | Fox News
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    another mass shooting......

    Person of interest arrested in barbershop slayings | How come the media not report this and go crazy over another mass shooting involving 30 to 40 shots striking several people and killing some?
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    Poll: If all of the Arctic (North Pole) sea ice melted....

    If all of the sea ice melted up in the North Pole (Arctic) how much would the ocean water rise around the world?
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    Describing colors to blind people Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, talks about describing colors to blind people. Auto caption works great, fyi.
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    City driver or country driver to work?

    Are you a city driver that drive to work battling traffic everyday? Or are you a country driver that drive to work in the countryside everyday with little or no traffic? Or you do a bit of driving from the city to the countryside, or from the countryside to the city? I drive in the...
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    Boo! I dare you to watch this clip!
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    Cat Sh*t One It's the whole realism that made this video so interesting.
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    "Let's Talk!"

    Let’s Talk! Interesting stats: How to Make Toddlers Smarter: Talk to Them | Brookings Institution
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    Hearing Restoration Project cure for hearing loss And you can donate for the upcoming Nov 3 NY marathon race for the cure for hearing loss and tinnitus. Team Hearing Health Foundation | Hearing Health Foundation's Fundraiser on CrowdRise And if cure for hearing loss isn't your...
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    A cure is now possible using stem cells....

    Amazing. And how biotechnology has quickly evolved to the point that even babies born with this sensory loss condition could see it reversed using stem cells. More here on the story.
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    U.S. natural gas export would be a boon to US economy

    Countries that are actually screaming for U.S. to export natural gas. U.S. Gas Exports Would Be a Global Boon, Foreign Energy Leaders Say -
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    Ancient forest uncovered

    Melting glacier in Alaska reveals ancient remains of forest – evidence of warm periods « JoNova
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    Awesome! Walk4Hearing raised $1.2 million so far

    They are on track to break $1.3 million dollars raised in 2012 with the goal to raise $1.4 million dollars. They are already at the $1.2 million dollar mark. Way to go! Walk4Hearing Homepage - The Hearing Loss Association of America: Walk4Hearing
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    MSNBC prez whines....

    MSNBC President Wants 'Investigation' Into Fox News' 'Impossible' Ratings Gain - The Hollywood Reporter The Nielsen rating is correct.
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    Unauthorized spending at Walmart

    EBT benefit card glitch sparks Walmart shopping sprees in Louisiana - CBS News Clearly this was theft (from the govt) even though Walmart allowed the transaction to go thru. Those shoppers knew they were stealing (unauthorized spending) and taking advantage of a glitch.
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    Phunny photos of cats being thrown...

    "Brides Throwing Cats" Is The Wedding Tumblr You Didn't Know You Needed Just to let you know, they're photo-shopped.