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  1. Mohave

    Can you learn ASL from a book?

    Wait to take classes with a qualified instructor, please! If you practice ASL only from a book, and/or with other students on Skype, without a qualified instructor to correct you, chances are you will pick up bad habits and errors in your mechanics, if left uncorrected, all of your effort will...
  2. Mohave

    What is/was your breakfast today?

    Neighborhood water cut off, for work on pipes. No oatmeal, just banana :/
  3. Mohave

    Who do you think you are related to?

    Hmm, my great grandfather worked Ford, he developed some kind of suspension technology Ford uses in their cars, but called him crazy and fired him, only for them to use it about 60 years later. Other great grandfather was a runaway snake oil salesman from Indiana who got into some trouble, and...
  4. Mohave

    Why does Gatorade cost more than Powerade???

    I really like Sobe Life Water, taste good, cheap, and nothing much as far as calories or additives.
  5. Mohave

    Is "So You Want to Be an Interpreter?" still good?

    Fine line between professionalism and overboard, definitely! I thought the whole reason to become an interpreter is because you get along with the community, not distance yourself from it.
  6. Mohave

    IDIOMS in asl

    "cool" is right hand like "5", palm facing left, thumb on sternum, and wiggle your index through pinky.
  7. Mohave

    Do interpreters receive name signs?

    I've gotten one from the community here in the tri-state, and I'm still a student, (guess they like me?), or just depends where you live.
  8. Mohave

    MacBook Pro Fans: Tips & Tricks{keyword}&cct_info=1|28402|5327605890|15552913|365098093|e|10126436941|kw|4404730213|g|||&cct_ver=3&cct_bk=PowerBook%20medic&gclid=CKj8ipTAi68CFQaFhwodmRJMAA Under parts by model/serial number of your laptop! Apple...
  9. Mohave

    Girl who is deaf trains to be a horse jockey

    I used to ride horses in drill comp, and gymkhana. Never liked racetracks, very inhumane people there, although, I like this story.
  10. Mohave

    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    In the end, all that matters is that you care for the other person. Race, background, religion, etc.., are all 2nd to love.
  11. Mohave

    Stick with your own kind? or Mix it up!

    Hmm, I'd say procreating with alike backgrounds, otherwise globalization happens and culture disappears, granted new culture would be created, but I'm just fine being 100% northern european. (mainly Celtic)!
  12. Mohave

    Last Movie You Watched?

    "Sound and Fury," tonight in class. The coda mother (Marie I think), and the hearing grandparents, let's just say I didn't like them one bit!, the grandmother was patronizing her family with complete lack of respect for their opinion. Whispering poison into her grand daughters ear... the coda...
  13. Mohave

    What has Obama done so far?

    Raised out deficit, just like any other useless president. I think it would send a better message if we all registered to vote, but did not, that would send a message that we need better candidates. I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day, "Politicians and diapers, need to be replaced, for...
  14. Mohave

    Teen Pregnancy

    A fact in many cases, but also many just because, like in small towns, sex is something to do when you're bored, effect=babies.
  15. Mohave

    Population Control

    For it, in the past the reason why families had so many children was because maybe one or two survived to adulthood, we don't have that problem anymore. So i think it's irresponsible to have more than two children, two keeps the population stable, one is even better because it would cut the...
  16. Mohave

    How Do You Rate Your Education System?

    Anyone who is interested, read "Dumbing Us Down," by John Taylor Gatto. Pretty much spot on when it comes to the problems with mainstream schools.
  17. Mohave

    How much do you know about religion?

    80; didn't know Jewish Sabbath, First Great Awakening, or prayer in schools.
  18. Mohave

    Whats your ethnic background?

    25% Scottish (MacKintosh) 25% Irish (Griffin) 25% Lithuanian (Miller) 25% English (Button)
  19. Mohave

    Best city for Deaf people?

    If you don't like heat, I wouldn't advise Arizona last summer our average was over 120, highest was 128. My teacher said that Riverside is where it's at.
  20. Mohave

    Zoos - good or bad