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    I’m Amy. I’m 32/f and I live in MD. I am Deaf but live in the “hearing world”. I would love to make a friend just to chat with. Text, video chat. Just someone who can relate. Hope to chat soon!
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    Ear molds

    I have worn hearing aids for 12 years. Different kinds. Had them replace and redone. Just went in to order new ones today. The audi did an impression really deep down. Then it wouldn’t come out. She was pulling and tugging. Hurt really bad and I expressed that. She looked in the ear that hurt...
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    I am deaf and live in Baltimore. I would like to meet people in Baltimore/DC area to chat with and eventually go to deaf events. I am self conscious about my signing because I don't use it much but can understand most sign and produce it as well, maybe just a little slow :)
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    I know there are a lot of Deaf in DC. I would like to find people to chat with and hopefully meet up and go to some deaf events in the area. I'm actually in Baltimore but DC is easily accessible. I'm not against
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    Hello. I’m looking to make friends. Anyone. I am HoH lesbian and mainstream schooling. I know ASL but haven’t used in years so I’m a little slower but I’d love to chat!
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    Pen Pal

    I'm looking for an ASL pen pal. I'm not too concerned about your sign level as long as you're signing. I am HoH and never wear my aids unless I'm at work. So just looking for someone to talk to about life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm not fluent but I work with Deaf people in two of my...
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    Any other hearing aid users feel in limbo between the Deaf and hearing world? I'm not deaf enough to most deaf people I associate with through work or other events and hearing people so go annoyed by the fact that I can't hear them even with my aids on! I'd love to have someone to talk to...
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    There are so many Deaf in Dc and around MD yet I can never find anyone that signs. I am 27/ f hard of hearing and just want someone to talk to that I don't have to constantly strain to understand the conversation. Even someone over skype. :)
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    I love seeing people sign at Gay Pride. I'm too shy and feel out of place to talk to anyone :-/. Stuck in between the Deaf world and hearing world :-/
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    Hey! I'm 26 and finally out of school but it seems harder to make friends. I'm a lesbian and also hard of hearing. I feel stuck between the hearing world and the deaf world :-/ I was hoping to make some friends who understand where I'm coming from. It's hard to find people to relate to. Email...
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    I know there are tons of events in the DC area I just don't know how to find them. Anybody else in the area or have any ideas? I'm really near Annapolis MD but DC isn't too far to go for some interaction with the Deaf Community.
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    Hey I live in MD and am HoH. I am looking to meet people in the area to keep my signing up. Deaf events or friends or even someone to chat with on Facetime or Skype every once in awhile would be awesome. Hope to hear from some people soon :)
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    New HoH

    I'm new here. I am hard of hearing. I grew up hearing and started losing hearing when I was 16, now 23. I would love to make some friends. Message me or IM me. Thanks :)
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    Need your help PLEASE

    I'm trying to decide my major track for school...Deaf Studies:Human Service and Elementary Ed and a double major in Deaf Studies. Any ideas on what kind of jobs I can get with the Human Services track. I know I can always do Deaf Ed for my masters. Any input would be great! Thanks.