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    Deaf Awareneness Day Baseball Tour

    Hello...Tampa Bay area..only Sorenson VRS is pround to offer all deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and their families. FREE tickets to a Tampa Bay Rays game to celebrate deaf awareness day. Sorenson VRS - Deaf Awareneness Day Baseball Tour.... Please RSVP for free tickets. For...
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    Netbook/Mini Laptop?

    Hello, I am looking for buy the small laptop (you called "netbook") for travel/vacation in the future. Do you have any idea which one is better ....for the small laptop? Thank you, Deafbear
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    Neckties- new design on Sign Language Alphabet!

    Hello, Most of you wear business suits for your companies? I found one nice necktie with Sign Language Alphabet on it. It is pretty cool! You can order the neckties from . "Sign Language Alphabet ties" by The American Necktie Co (Wildties Co) Color: red...