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  1. mypjpants

    hi i am jazmean can anybody help me gloss this for my asl class

    look up the signs you need to on but this is an interpretation I found very beautiful to compliment this beautiful work of literature. HERE NOW MOUNTAIN, LOOK(point ‘look’ down) I FEEL NOW AWFUL SADNESS(slowly)—(or perhaps use the sign for JOKING with a face of annoyance and...
  2. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    Also I do not have access to hearing aids at the moment, I am trying to achieve them through insurance and government means if I can, or at least get them from another doctor(I’m going in for another hearing test to see how I’ve degraded). Hopefully then I’ll get the okay for them to be prescribed.
  3. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    I really need advice on this if anyone can give some insight. My hearing has gotten so much worse since i’ve been with him and I don’t know if I can handle this constant struggle of trying to understand spoken word. I’m getting really disheartened because even though I’ve known sign language...
  4. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    he has ADD making it very hard to retain short term memory and turning it into long term memory, as well as being slightly on the spectrum. His great grandfather was his mother’s father as well, so I’m sure that contributes in his limited learning, especially in the verbal and language learning...
  5. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    I’ve used it before and it’s okay, but it bothers me to talk through a screen. I can get on board using it for public places and such, but to talk to my partner in life I’d prefer a more intimate(as to say, better connection) option. Of course I’d like if he could still learn to sign somehow, if...
  6. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    I have a partner that has a mental disability, as well as developing arthritis, not allowing him to learn very much sign language, or at least not enough to have a simple conversation with. I’m slowly losing my hearing and have almost gotten to the point of severe hearing loss and I’m worried...
  7. mypjpants

    Looking to practise asl

    Hey, haven’t been on here in a minute due to personal things but I would love to get your glide. I’ll add you as soon as I can and message you
  8. mypjpants

    Using the Cloud on your phone or computer

    For iPhone you can check your icloud through settings and through that manage what your icloud stores and stuff like that.
  9. mypjpants

    Hello! ...and My Apologies

    Hi there Indie! Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions about deaf culture or about ASL feel free to message me.
  10. mypjpants

    ASl lover

    Hi there Yahu. I'm hard of hearing and I wouldn't mind being friends with you.
  11. mypjpants

    New to the deaf community but not really.

    Thank you! I can't wait to meet new people and make some friends along the way.
  12. mypjpants

    Do you remember music?

    Also, if you can't remember music, how long did it take for you to forget it.
  13. mypjpants

    Man I'm bored. Hopefully some more people get on here so we can have some lovely discussions.

    Man I'm bored. Hopefully some more people get on here so we can have some lovely discussions.
  14. mypjpants

    Do you remember music?

    For all the people here who progressively lost their hearing and now are profoundly deaf, do you remember how music sounds? I'm asking because I'm losing my hearing and I'd like to know if I'll at least have the memory of music.
  15. mypjpants

    Best city/town for a Deaf person to live in?

    St augustine in florida has the school for the blind and deaf and has a high deaf populatin because of it.
  16. mypjpants

    New here and to the deaf community

    I say this just because I've met people here who consider themselves deaf are technically hard of hearing because they can still hear /something/. I personally would still consider them deaf. Would you consider someone who still hears ambient noise deaf just because they can hear something?
  17. mypjpants

    New here and to the deaf community

    View hearing as a spectum. Hard of hearing is like a .5 in a spectrum on 1 and 0(0 being deaf and hard of hearing being 1). They can't understand the same way you do, but have more just because they can hear at all. I don't think this person meant this as in they are deaf/hoh, I think they meant...
  18. mypjpants

    Let’s help each other please

    Socialising with people, especially in public/loud places.
  19. mypjpants

    Hello everybody! I'm a beginner to ASL.

    Hello! I’ve been signing for about 4 years and I feel I could definitely help you out if you want to direct message me. I’m always looking for new practise partners! I'm hard of hearing.
  20. mypjpants

    Any deaf people here who like rock?

    Queen is my favourite classic rock band, and then I like guns n roses, led zeppelin, bon jovi, things like that. Other than that I like paramore, it's my favourite band. Not sure if you ever got a chance to listen to them though.