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  1. Jetti

    Tampa, FL area?

    Hi! I live in NJ, but my brother and his family live in Land O' Lakes, FL. My Deaf husband and I will be visiting the family January 1st-6th. Any Deaf/ASL meets in the Land O' Lakes, Tampa, or surrounding area within that time? My husband and I plan to move there in a few years! Thanks!
  2. Jetti

    A Quiet Place movie

    Has anyone seen it? What do you think? 1: I think it's great that a Deaf actress (Millicent Simmonds) got to play a Deaf role! 2: I read that Millicent taught the other actors sign to better communicate with her. So it's not as if the hearing actors only learned the signs for the script. I...
  3. Jetti

    ASL resources for hearing family?

    Hello! My future husband is Deaf and I am hearing. We live in New Jersey. In 2-3 years, we plan to move to Florida to be with my brother and his family- they are all heairng. I want my brother, his wife, and two young daughters to learn ASL before we move down there. What are the best resources...
  4. Jetti

    Other alarm clock?

    My husband is Deaf and he uses a bed shaker alarm clock. It works well, but if I want to sleep in and he needs to get up early, I get woken up by his alarm. Does anyone know of another alarm clock that can wake him up and not me? Thanks!
  5. Jetti

    Bad interpreters at mainstream college

    Hello! I know someone that is Deaf and attending a mainstream university. Unfortunately, some of the interpreters he has had while attending that university have been subpar. The agency that the interpreters come from have a contract with the university. The interpreters are from another state...
  6. Jetti

    South NJ Deaf chats

    I thought I would share about the deaf meets that happen in my area. Starbucks deaf meet tonight! Typically every other Friday 7pm-9pm: Cherrywood Plaza, 1490 Blackwood Clementon Rd, Clementon, NJ 08021. Deaf bowling every Friday night, I think starts 6pm, at Laurel Lanes: 2825 NJ-73, Maple...
  7. Jetti

    1/27: Philly Auto Show- Interpreters all day!!

    There will only be interpreters tomorrow, January 27th. It's at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. 1101 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19107. Ticket information here. ----- My deaf husband LOVES cars. I think he will enjoy himself more with interpreters available.
  8. Jetti

    Nucleus 7

    I am so excited! My Deaf fiancé was approved for the CI processor upgrade, and should be getting the Nucleus 7, which just came out this month. So exciting! No more buying batteries in bulk anymore! He got the CI surgery when he was 15 years old (his decision). He's now 26. His current...
  9. Jetti

    South nj deaf meets?

    Hi everyone! I live in South Jersey, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, PA. The only deaf meet in my area that I know about is the Deptford mall food court every Monday. Does anyone on here know of any others?
  10. Jetti

    Hearing-deaf wedding

    Hi everyone! I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. We are planning to have our wedding June 1, 2018 on the beach. My future husband will be the only Deaf person there. As of right now, we have an interpreter friend who has agreed to officiate. For the reception, we will plan to hire a different...
  11. Jetti

    Deaf events in tampa, fl?

    Hi, everyone! I was hoping to find out if there are any Deaf events in Tampa, Florida or the surrounding area in January. My Deaf fiancé and I are visiting family there and would love to meet Deaf people and ask about their experience living in Florida. We are from New Jersey, but plan to move...
  12. Jetti

    Non-signing Hearing Partners?

    Hello, everyone! One of my Deaf friends recently married a hearing man who she had been dating for 5 years. He does not sign. I believe he knows a few basic signs, but he normally talks and she lipreads and listens with her CI. When I found out about this, I was shocked. I am hearing and my...
  13. Jetti

    Wonderstruck Movie

    Hey, everyone. I heard about this movie that will be coming out next year, called Wonderstruck, which is based off of a book. From this article here, I can see that it's about two deaf children. I haven't read the book, but from looking online, the one deaf character, Rose, will be played by...
  14. Jetti

    Frederick, Maryland

    Hey, everyone! (If this is the wrong section for this discussion, please direct me to where it would better fit.) I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. I'm about to start my Master's program in the Fall and he is continuing with his Bachelor's degree. We should graduate around the same time...
  15. Jetti

    Shades Of Deafness

    Shades Of Deafness Meet me in the middle: finding a balance between hearing and Deaf culture Vanessa Bacellar in Ideas on May 3, 2016 What are you thoughts and feelings on this recent article?
  16. Jetti

    Frederick, Md

    Hey, everyone! (If this is the wrong section for this discussion, please direct me to where it would better fit.) I'm hearing and my fiance is Deaf. I'm about to start my Master's program in the Fall and he is continuing with his Bachelor's degree. We should graduate around the same time...
  17. Jetti


    Hi! I'm curious about what the term "think-hearing" means to you. My fiancé is Deaf and says he is think-hearing and that other Deaf people have said that about him. Even at Deaf meets, Deaf strangers sometimes assume he's hearing. When he corrects them, they apologize. hah His definition of...
  18. Jetti

    Deaf Marry Deaf Most Often?

    I remember reading “Journey into the Deaf-World” and there’s a statistic that says 9 out of 10 deaf people marry deaf. This book came out in 1996. Do you think that statistic has changed today? What's your experience, yourself and those you know?
  19. Jetti

    Subtle Audism?

    Let me first say that I'm hearing. This one older woman that works with me asked about my fiancé, who is Deaf. I remembered her from the work party a few weeks ago. She had talked about her grandson that has apraxia of speech. Anywho, she asked about my fiancé and I said he was fine, then...
  20. Jetti

    Swinging (partner swapping)

    Has anyone here gone swinging? My friend told me about someone she met talking about a club in the city nearby. I did research, and there is a decent community out there. There was actually a group of Deaf/HoH swingers for an event last summer. Hearing people were allowed, but only if they...