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  1. Korey Geer

    Friends and relationship

    Hello All, I'm Deaf and Im here to meet some new friends and more,if you are fluent in ASL,this message is for you.please read careful and reply. I hope you"ll doing we"ll.I am here to meet new friends to spend time and to chat with,Im also looking for a relationship with a female, if your...
  2. Korey Geer

    Looking for Deaf and hearing friends with ASL in South Dakota.

    Hey Everyone, Im looking for new Deaf and hearing friends with ASL in my state of South Dakota,between the ages of 40-60. Please let me know by writting back.The only communication methods I have is zoom,or facebook messenger.I do not have skype.
  3. Korey Geer

    Im looking for Hearing ( with sign language) and Deaf friends who would love to be friends with me.

    If you are 35-55 and looking for a Deaf friend please let me know Also,Im looking for a girlfriend (Deaf or Hearing)) Im also looking for some Deaf friends,and hearing friends,Im also looking for a girlfriend.who knows sign language.please write back .
  4. Korey Geer

    Meeting Deaf people

    If you know anyone Deaf or Hard of Hearing or hearing people with sign language in my area. Please let me know right away. I live in South Dakota. Im looking at ages from 30-50. I have been very frhstrated cant find any friends. I have been looking for a girlfriend and other people to just be...
  5. Korey Geer


    If any of you all learning ASL,please let me know.I will be able to help you.the only communication i have is facebook messenger.
  6. Korey Geer

    Looking for a relationship.

    I have been alone for a long time,Im deaf.looking for a female who is fluent in ASL so we can communicate. I can even teach you about the Deaf Community, Deaf events,and Deaf ideas. If you want a relationship or just be friends. We can chat on facebook messenger,we can chit-chat on VP if you...
  7. Korey Geer

    Sign language help

    If your looking for help with learning sign language.Please write back to me,I wont mibd helping you out. Please write back.
  8. Korey Geer

    Room mate

    Im looking for a Deaf or hearing room mate who knows ASL,approximately around my age.Im 49. The ages Im looking for are around 30-50. If your interested,please let me know and we can work something. Im also,looking for Male and/ or female friends around the same the same ages,but I need to be...
  9. Korey Geer


    Its been a while since i posted anything.I just want to inform all of you,that Im looking at to meet Deaf,HOH,and hearing.if your hearing and know sign language,please contact me as long with everyone elso who I want to meet so we can get connected.Also,If you know anybody in South...
  10. Korey Geer

    Looking for a deaf relationship.

    My name is Korey (Deaf) from South Dakota.Im looking for a relationship a female who knows sign language.Im really having a hard time finding someone,Im not sure who can help me,so Im hoping you can.please contact me when you can.
  11. Korey Geer

    Looking for friends!!!

    My name is Korey ( Deaf) From South Dakota.Im looking for more Deaf friends and hearing friends that know ASL,I also want more hearing friends so i can help them learn ASL.If you live in my area,Please be sure to contact me.