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  1. birdlady

    Hiding Places for a Spare House Key?....

    My husband got one of those little magnet holders for keys and put the house key in there. but hid it in our mothin lite its magnetic and if anyone trying to go there the light come on . and unless you know its there you'd never find it..
  2. birdlady

    Hi all once again I am back,

    I have so much trouble getting on this site, it could be me. but here I am . I have been practicing signs.. I know with the way my hearing is leaving that I have to learn , even if its just me.. The first thing I am having trouble with is I need to see someone. finger spell. I finger spell and I...
  3. birdlady

    Anyone watch this TV show?

    I think they need more shows to stimulate their mind. kids only know cells phone and computers.. if they dont have it they are bored to death.. try a amusement park or camping trip how many wouldnt go if their cells dont work.. no elec to recharge..
  4. birdlady

    Anyone watch this TV show?

    dont like programs where people hurt each other.. you know lots og blood, have not seen the robots ..
  5. birdlady

    "Deaf TV"

    deaf tv Its a nice idea deaf tv// But wish there were more family shows like switched at birth.. its good clean and we can learn signs and watch the program.. I am learning more and more signs everyday.. videos are the best.. and I go to asl Bill Vicares he is a great teacher.. and free.
  6. birdlady

    Don't you ever wish you could eavesdrop?

    I wonder that too. especially if i am looking at pictures in a book and look up and their mouth is moving and I get in the middle of conversation , I started to sign one day like i knew what the answer was but no one signed back.. I thought how rude.. But then I realized i was the only one...
  7. birdlady

    Don't you ever wish you could eavesdrop?

    I do that anyway.. really makes them think,DID she hear us.. now i say hay dont talk behind my back..LOL i love to lip read it is my downfall.. i tend to lipread instead of watching the signs they are saying to me.. and then I am a loss when they dont lip something, but I have a lady the other...
  8. birdlady

    Don't you ever wish you could eavesdrop?

    That is where lip reading comes in handy IF you can see the person.. if not you get 1/2 the
  9. birdlady

    needing info for traveling internet..

    My husband and I want to go in motorhome and travel but i need to be able to do signing chats with friends Is there such a thing as unlimited internet or a good internet that i can use on my tablet.. with out having to buy minutes ,or gb ..? I know that is a long ? sorry need info..
  10. birdlady

    My hobbies

    i want the vw
  11. birdlady

    Something from your childhood

    When we were growning up a family of 7 ,we knew what the standing on the corner till it got dark,using our imagination. the making of a gun with our fingers.. rolling in the dirt. and helping pull weeds out of the sidewalk.. We all had chores and homework after school , knew every kid for miles...
  12. birdlady

    What did you learn today?

    I cant imagine anyone that has been married for over 10 year to not be worth marring ,my husband and I have been married 25 yrs,I took care of my dear mother in law till the day she died the 5th of oct 2012.. She said she wasnt sure she was going to like me ,but instead she fell in love with me.
  13. birdlady

    What Game Are You Playing Now?

    I play farmville on facebook , a fun game nad have lots of friends to give me things...
  14. birdlady

    What did you learn today?

    today I learned that even though you think of all the things you can do doesnt always mean you can do them. But a nice thought anyway..Have a great day..
  15. birdlady

    Deaf People & Jobs

    I used to be a school bus driver but when I became deaf and hoh they took my cdl.. I understand especially with kids..
  16. birdlady

    I'm new

    welcome , to all deaf
  17. birdlady

    trouble taking walks because of no trafic noise..

    Thank you all for all your advice.. I am glad to have someone like you to be a good adviser..Thank you so much Linda
  18. birdlady

    Books on Deaf Culture as mentioned by AllDeaf users

    I am so happy to find this site I came by today and then didnt write notes and then almost didnt find the site again..Is there a way we can see where we were in the last 24 hrs.. Thanks for all the hard work . Linda
  19. birdlady

    Do you pick up pennies off the sidewalk?

    You will need to get a stick ,either a grabber or a sticky substance on a stick..
  20. birdlady

    trouble taking walks because of no trafic noise..

    My husband says I need to pay attention more. To what is going g on around me. But sometimes I am watching and talking to my dog and forget what is goin on.. facing traffic is what I do .but the streets are narrow so it doesn't help.. young drivers text and drive.. so its a on going battle too.