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  1. Arthaey

    Can the hearing caller view the signer?

    I'm taking an ASL course, and my teacher offered to answer some of my questions outside of class. I asked for her email address, but she said she'd rather use her video relay service, Purple. That's all fine, I've never used a relay service before, but I'm happy to use that if that is what my...
  2. Arthaey

    Deaf people can drive!

    Since so many hearing people seem shocked that deaf people can drive, maybe having an academic study to quote will be useful. :) According to "Driver and rider licensing provisions for clients who are d/Deaf", published by Dale Steinhardt & Darren Wishart in 2006: Full text at...
  3. Arthaey

    Show Deaf/Hearing in User Profiles

    Is there a way to add "Deaf" or "Hearing" to the user's mini-profile that appears to the left of every post? I see a lot of posts where people ask whether a user is hearing. I don't think most hearing folks are trying to hide that fact, so maybe we could save everyone time by including that...
  4. Arthaey

    si5s to write ASL

    Disclaimer: I'm hearing, interested in languages of all kinds, but still very naive about ASL and Deaf culture. What do you guys think of this (relatively) new writing system for ASL, called "si5s"? Of the various systems I've seen, it looks the most usable (except for it not having a font...