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    Terribly lonely in Seattle

    Deaf Spotlight
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    Can moderators move a thread from one sub-forum to another?
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    teaching myself to sign...<3

    It's entirely possible to learn a new language without classes, but you have to be a lot more dedicated and "smart" about what & how you study. You have to not only teach yourself the vocabulary, grammar, etc, but you also have to find understandable audio or video content for input, and groups...
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    what behaviors show hearing has a good attitude at Deaf Event

    What rolling7 describes is exactly how my two attendances at the local weekly Deaf social went. GrayEagle: Don't be scared! Jump on in and just be a friendly, polite noob! ;)
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    Newbie, lots of questions

    Noob question: what does "EI" stand for?
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    what behaviors show hearing has a good attitude at Deaf Event

    I'm glad I could help! I hope your local groups are as welcoming. :)
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    Learning to read as a deaf/hoh person

    From my linguistics background, I'm always pretty dismayed when people want their children to learn via the "whole word method", since that's not really been an effective way for students to learn to read for the first time. But I admit that I never considered that's only true for hearing...
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    what behaviors show hearing has a good attitude at Deaf Event

    I've been to two Deaf social events now, even though I can barely sign anything yet. I introduced myself, asked for the other folks' names, said the small pleasantries I know how to say. Then I mostly kept my mouth shut, my hands quietly mimicking signs that I understood to practice them, and...
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    teaching myself to sign...<3

    I just attended my first Deaf social event*, which I found via Check if there are any Deaf events in your area! * It was awesome! Everyone was super friendly even though I can only saw a few things in ASL so far.
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    ASL most widely used language in the United States

    Ethnologue, my go-to source for language data like this, also quotes "100,000 to 500,000" from a 1986 Gallaudet source.
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    Can the hearing caller view the signer?

    I'm taking an ASL course, and my teacher offered to answer some of my questions outside of class. I asked for her email address, but she said she'd rather use her video relay service, Purple. That's all fine, I've never used a relay service before, but I'm happy to use that if that is what my...
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    Can hearing people be culturally Deaf?

    I asked a Deaf woman who I follow on Twitter this exact question, and she said that (in her opinion) hearing people could be culturally Deaf. That said, I'm sure many Deaf people wouldn't fully accept hearing people that aren't CODAs. I'm even more sure that most hearing people wouldn't have...
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    Does being deaf/hoh make you a bad writer?

    When you say "hearing impaired people," do you mean native ASL signers or do you mean native English speakers who became late-deafened?
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    Does being deaf/hoh make you a bad writer?

    Are you surprised when a native speaker of, say, Russian doesn't speak English completely like a native? Then you shouldn't be surprised when a native ASL signer might not write English like a native, either. ASL is a separate language. Don't let the fact that it's a signed language instead of...
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    "Deaf and Dumb"?

    I hadn't heard the specific term "micro-aggression" before, but it sounds like what folks talk about when discussing "privilege". The really bad thing about micro-aggressions is that, because each one is so seemingly trivial, it's hard to call them out and make a stand about them. "Why are...
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    Deaf people can drive!

    Since so many hearing people seem shocked that deaf people can drive, maybe having an academic study to quote will be useful. :) According to "Driver and rider licensing provisions for clients who are d/Deaf", published by Dale Steinhardt & Darren Wishart in 2006: Full text at...
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    HELP! Flashcards for hearing roommate

    You can search the forum for posts about different methods of writing ASL down. None are especially popular (in the US, anyway). Not many Deaf ASL signers use SignWriting in their personal lives, but for flashcard purposes I think it is the best option I've seen. Your hearing roommate will...
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    Name Signs

    My real name is 9 letters long, so I hope I eventually get a name sign in the years to come! ;)
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Um, of course it's okay if you don't want to! You're the boss of you, not me. ;) That's why I said that my questions were all presupposing that someone using a visual-loudness-meter thingy would want to speak and match the loudness around them in the first place. If you don't want to be doing...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Hehe. No, I meant some electronic thing you could wear on your wrist, or maybe just glance at a smartphone app that did this, just before speaking in some real-world environment. So you could judge the ambient noise level of where you were and how loud the other speakers were being, and adjust...