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    I don't know why I keep coming back. regardless, hello. what have I missed? something good I hope. :wave: ..
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    [4] Happy/Joy Photography: Winner!

    hello all! been a while I've been on. had a good holiday? what were you for halloween?? me? nothing this year! wait, well, I was a birthday girl! ;) anyway, here's announcement of finalists ... guest judge and I have discussed ... another hard decisions. 3rd place: DGirl101! Really...
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    Subscriptions Gone??

    I just logged in in today after a little while and found ALL of my subscriptions are gone.....anyone had that happened? so strange.... I had them all (since the first day I joined here back in 2008) and definitely did not clicked anything ...
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    [(o)] Photo Challenge: Happy/Joy! [4th]

    congratulations to jiro, knob winner! good job, nice creativity! as you all may see the last contest didn't go very well - probably a really hard theme or it wasn't everyone's week. :lol: but I'm not gonna give up! I'd like to try another contest one more time and see how it goes. there might...
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    [3] Knob Photography: Winner!

    hello everyone! how was your columbus weekend? we just got back in town and announcing winner now! thank you all for waiting. :) knob finalists and the winner.. are you ready?? I'll start with 3rd, 2nd then 1st place! same order as last you go. 3rd...
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    Thanks or Thank you?

    sometimes I wonder which's best way to thank ... or doesn't that matter? i.e. - when someone opens then holds the door for you, let you walk pass - thank you or thanks? for some reason I feel funny if I say 'thanks', thought 'thank you' would be more polite? hm, you tell me. :)
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    Oh My, Pogs!

    I was just looking into my boxes I've NOT opened in 10+ years... :o with all movings, just had to leave them at my parent's garage - most of my childhood stuff. anyway, I found over 1,000+ pogs and several slammers I collected I have had forgotten about!! oh my, brings a lot of fun/ny...
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    [(o)] Photo Challenge: Knobs! [3rd]

    poweron has won this theme; anything! congrats again. you will be the guest judge for this contest. if somehow I can't reach you by the end of contest, the second finalist will move up as guest judge (saywhatkid) and so on if the second is also not available. now, here's our third contest! with...
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    [2] Anything Photography: Winner!

    oh man oh man.. oh man. poweron was very right, I should have picked a theme.. rather than 'anything' because this is so difficult. SO difficult. 6 photos were very close to winning. :( I have heard from our guest judge - naisho had his picks but he was too busy to discuss further. now, for...
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    Pair of Goats Stuck on 6-inch for 2 Days

    aww. THANK YOU rescuers!! (click on picture in the link for more too)
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    Mother/Fathers with Kids (Struggling)

    a few you probably remember I made a thread a long time ago (2 years?) how much I hate to eat? well, I now eat breakfast a lot better. and don't eat dinner like king very much any more either. :giggle: you are suppose to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like queen and dinner like a princess. I...
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    This Girlie has Moves..

    it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! amazing how forever she can dance.. :eek3: Dancing Dog
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    [(o)] Photo Challenge: Anything! [2nd]

    :wave: first of all, congratulations to naisho, the winner of apples! you will be the guest judge for next, this contest. now it's second photo contest today. I want to thank everyone for participating the last photo challenge, it was fun to do. the theme for this second challenge; ANYTHING...
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    Apples Photography - Winner!

    I came back to finish this so you people won't have to wait longer. thank you all for your patience. now, for finalists and the winner.. are you ready?? I'll start with 3rd, 2nd then 1st place! I had a hard time deciding for 3rd place so here we go. 3rd place: Gohabsgo! Nice way of...
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    What's Goal for Tomorrow?

    today was a BAD day doing my laundries... started this morning and finally finished them few minutes ago - almost 12 hours later. :o why? I keep doing something in between, took a short walk with my dog, got distracted with couple calls and posts on AD, nagged by friends online, (;)) cooked...
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    Dog Ate Diabetic Man's Toe

    what a 'toe'riffic story. Dog Eats Toe of Man With Diabetes - ABC News Most pet owners would be irate if their dog bit off one of their toes, but Jerry Douthett, of Rockford, Mich., is nothing but grateful: this canine feat may have saved his life. A Michigan man loses a toe to his dog...
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    Art Project: 50 words

    hi! I have an idea for my few next art project and would like your help. :) okay, here I go -- what word deaf makes you think of? not word itself.. like ear, related to deaf but you know, it's already getting old. I'd like something quite different. you can list as much as you wish/can think...
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    [(o)] Photo Challenge: Apples!

    :wave: everyone! this is our very first photo contest! this is exciting ... for this first meme, I have decided the challenge topic/theme; apples. they are easy to find, right? (more ideas for theme/topics are welcome for next challenges!) the deadline for this challenge's submissions is...
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    Would You Tell?

    I've been thinking about this long weekend, still not sure whether to tell or just leave out of this. sticky situation it is. last may I was babysitting two kids of my friend's, their mother, R. a long time friend. all of sudden R came home way early than usual and she was crying, sobbing. I...
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    Wondering: Photo Contests?

    did some search and didn't find anything very much .. wondering if any contest was hosted in past and wonder if any one would be interested in photography contest? caption the picture contest, etc. different fun photo-related contests. I'll be more than glad to host one! (to help me to stay...