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  1. sr171soars

    Another reason why Deaf Schools aren't exactly high acheiving?

    While I agree with this in general... I do want to point out that if somebody took time with that child and encouraged them, who knows what they might achieve. I think of Benjamin Carson the neurosurgeon from John Hopkins. Very inspiring story.
  2. sr171soars

    Speech reading lessons

    Er...not true. You might get the gist of the conversation but miss some important information. In general, they use the language as it is supposed to be used to get across their meaning. On the other hand, there are always a couple of "windbags" in every crowd. Most people don't like to...
  3. sr171soars

    Is oral deaf education really a threat?

    Yeah, I hear you. That would not be the best way to go about it. One really can't tell if that child could pull it off or not. I myself had speech therapy through middle school. I didn't need any other accommodation other than the fact the teacher needed to be aware that my hearing (with a...
  4. sr171soars

    Is oral deaf education really a threat?

    As far I'm concerned my literal level is irrelevant in the scheme of things. Of course, I'm very dependent on the functional level my CI provides me to function in the hearing world. I'm very aware of that fact and the degree I'm dependent on technology. In other words, I'm screwed if the...
  5. sr171soars

    Zebadee's Activation.

    Big Z, Yeah, you need to adjust to your CI first and get used to your maps before messing with your settings.
  6. sr171soars

    Zebadee's Activation.

    Big Z, Congratulations! Sounds like you going to be doing well with your CI. Don't sweat the small stuff. It will get better as you go.
  7. sr171soars

    Am I the only one bothered by this?

    While true, I'm noticing there are more people wearing HAs than ever before. I'm sure an aging population has a lot to do with it. ;) Of course, making HAs smaller doesn't hurt either.
  8. sr171soars

    Am I the only one bothered by this?

    +1 The interesting thing that there is less stigma over wearing glasses versus wearing a HA. Not sure where that comes from... I suppose it is because how much more a loss of hearing impacts one's place in society.
  9. sr171soars

    I'm curious

    Actually, the biggest disagreement is implanting a child. Especially, if the parent doesn't use the full "toolbox" approach. Even if they use the full "toolbox" approach, there are still issues. I seen the biggest, ugliest flamewars from this aspect time and time again.
  10. sr171soars

    Berkeley is 1# in the united states

    Matajan, There are many who have went to the "so-called" number #1 ranked school and couldn't put their life on track to be the best at whatever. It doesn't work that way. Careers have a way of defining you regardless of what school one went to. Businesses and organizations are more...
  11. sr171soars

    The Talking Deafie

    All very true. The hardest part to explain to those who can't hear/understand speech is that there is a multiplicity of nuances to clue in on. There is the words themselves, then it is the contextual aspect, then there is the tone, how it is being said, what is being stressed (wordwise) then...
  12. sr171soars

    I'm curious

    Going with with DD and Deaffy said... Yeah, it isn't the CI itself that causes so much dissension but all the side stuff in terms of the reality of a CI. I really hate it when the dingbats that jump in and nay say something they never experienced personally in their lives. It kinds of...
  13. sr171soars

    Nucleus-5 users - Did they use this on you during surgery?

    This would happen even if you had facial nerve monitors. Moving the ear out of the way the way they do it for a CI typically has a major impact on sense of taste and numbness of the tongue. I don't know of anybody with a CI that didn't have issues in one degree or another with both...
  14. sr171soars

    why did mit and rit are different?

    Er...why does the heck it matter? One attends a particular school that best benefits them (assuming they can afford it). BTW - What kind of sentence is "Why did mit and rit are different?" I would have said "Why are MIT and RIT different?" :roll: There is no excuse for this sort of mistake.
  15. sr171soars

    Language hypothesis

    Some thoughts... The difficulty in learning any given language (spoken) is not in it's "wordiness" as such but in it's structure. It is true that English has the largest vocabulary of any language with Chinese a distant second. English is a conglomeration of different languages into one...
  16. sr171soars

    Those who decide not to get a CI

    True (I had to pay about $2000 out of about $60k). But being almost six years down the road, the economics start catching up to you. Say I get a new CI which I wouldn't mind doing, it would cost me about $5k including trading one in. And we haven't discussed all the other costs along the...
  17. sr171soars

    Cochlear Implant Patients.

    LOL...good one!
  18. sr171soars

    Am I the only one bothered by this?

    Nope, it doesn't bother me at all. Consider who they are targeting! Certainly not the deaf "per se". Besides, I can think of a whole lot worst to get upset about these days. When paranoia starts to dominate one's thinking...there is a conspiracy in every corner. Who needs that? Life...
  19. sr171soars

    hearing students versus deaf students at school

    This is not a new question and is as timeless as man has been around. You have to figure out for yourself where you fit. Trial and error sort of thing. You will find a group you fit in with. As for mean people, they exist everywhere and you just have to learn how to avoid/ignore/stay away...