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  1. birdlady

    Hi all once again I am back,

    I have so much trouble getting on this site, it could be me. but here I am . I have been practicing signs.. I know with the way my hearing is leaving that I have to learn , even if its just me.. The first thing I am having trouble with is I need to see someone. finger spell. I finger spell and I...
  2. birdlady

    needing info for traveling internet..

    My husband and I want to go in motorhome and travel but i need to be able to do signing chats with friends Is there such a thing as unlimited internet or a good internet that i can use on my tablet.. with out having to buy minutes ,or gb ..? I know that is a long ? sorry need info..
  3. birdlady

    trouble taking walks because of no trafic noise..

    Does anyone have a problem with going for walks and not hearing traffic. My husband gets scared of me going by my self,even with my dog. I dont hear traffic. and have nearly gotten hit.. They almost hit the dog one day.. I have a vest for her and it glows with strips. I was trying to find a way...
  4. birdlady

    Hope to meet some nice friends

    I am finely able to come to forum dont know how but here I am .. I enjoy talks in general. Just haveing someone to talk to makes the days and night better. When you have no one to sign with or talk to . it like watching paint dry.. I am hoh and deaf on left.. I do lip read, and do some signs...
  5. birdlady

    Hello I am back again

    I am so sorry that I was unable to chat. my passwords wouldnt work but hope fully they will now.. I had nose surgery last tuesday to fix nose bleeds. also had to realine my nose as it was broke from numerous falls that the floor seems to like my face more then i It has not been a...
  6. birdlady

    My pictures

    dont know how to get all my pictures up here. but i put them in a album on my page if anyone wants to go look. also started a group older adults area of chat. if anyone wants to try and chat.. :ty:
  7. birdlady

    getting out of may me me me life..

    I am sorry that I have been away from all the friends I have met on this forum. I get letters everyday from some one trying to meet others that are in the same as me. I would like to be able to help,but dont know how to start.. First I would like to see that 911 calls and any emergency calls...
  8. birdlady

    Deaf coffe shops

    I am in Arizona,close to needles ca and laughlin nevada.. the 3 corners touch where I live. I am trying to find asl buddies. need friends that can sign and help me learn. But also be a firiend. If anyone has any idea's I am open to suggestions.. birdlady65301 skype Linda Murray
  9. birdlady

    password sign in trouble

    I cant see, to be able to sign in all the time. it keeps giving me a new password and then sometimes it wont let me use it. today I wanted to reset my password but if i leave I cant sign back in. What do i do wrong? could you please help me.. THank you Linda Murray..:ty:you can send replys to...
  10. birdlady

    I'm Back ,

    Hello everyone, I have not been on here in quite awhile as we have moved from Missouri to Arizona.. Then I am depressed no one to chat with so here i am . Hope you all dont mind me listening lol.. wrong thing.. watching maybe.. I am Deaf on Left and little volume on right.. unless I get a...
  11. birdlady

    new series SWitched at BIRTH

    Did anyone watch Family Channel tonight (Monday 8pm) central its a new show SWITCHED AT BIRTH One girl is deaf and the other is hearing they were switched at birth. Lots of deaf actors lots of signing. It has a nice story and lots of good actors.. every monday 8pm family channel
  12. birdlady

    PT Tubes in ear?

    Has anyone had pt tubs put in to help with drainage in ear .Did it help.? or did you have problem,s? I didnt see any question s on this subjsct. My new dr wants to put tubs in .He says I have bad nerve damage to my ear and need to drain the fluid and it may help regain a bit of my hearing...
  13. birdlady

    mo passes disability laws for hearing aides

    just got the news paper today ,one of the most substantive changes would include hearing aides to be covered buy medicade under the state laws .programs called "mo health net " . passed .. It means those hoh can get help with hearing aides,
  14. birdlady

    explain signing

    can anyone explain signs..LIke the sign " YOUR " push hand out front of you .Or do you point finger out . "work " Tap fist together. The word "FEEL" do you spread finger and rub up and down chest . Or turn middle finger in and rub up and down. some signs are alittle confuseing.. I am...
  15. birdlady

    texting and 911

    does anyone know if there is texting and 911, can you call from cell and text your problem..
  16. birdlady

    Hello everyone

    Just wanted to say hello and tell you I am getting deaf. deaf on left side from brain tumor removal in 06 ,, now looseing the right side.. The bad thing is I hear my heart beat all the time. does anyone know how to stop it. I also have a ear infection, useing qtips t clean the ear .. sorry if...