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  1. Ezdblue

    iOS update?

    Hi everyone, My Apple phone is sending me messages to update the OS , did anyone know if it is... HA safe to update?.
  2. Ezdblue

    What happens to HA that are returned?

    I would like to know what happens to HA when they are returned to the audiologist within the trial period, I am wondering if the first HA I was set up with, where second hand, I never saw her open the box in front of me .
  3. Ezdblue

    Widex Beyond Fusion or Oticon minirite ?

    Hi everyone, I have severe hearing loss in both ears. I have to decide now if I take Widex or Oticon . I had to get new HA and I was given Widex they only worked for 5 days before there was a problem with the streaming and battery draining. Sent them back and came back with the same issue...
  4. Ezdblue

    Hello , I am new here and would like to make some friend and get some urgent advice

    Hi I am hard of hearing since childhood. Bilateral severe hearing loss, and getting my first hearing aids in years. And struggling with it : I find my audiologist abusive, patronising and unethical to say the least but she would not let me go, and refused to refund the money for my HA even...